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Kevin Best, Contributing Editor, BrandStorytelling.tv


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Klarna Hauliday

Klarna, the online payment company that allows its users to split their payments into four parts, interest free, hosted its first livestream shopping event. The two-day event, titled “Hauliday” took place over March 1st and 2nd. Klarna partnered with Cosmopolitan Magazine to livestream the shopping experience from Macy’s flagship store in New York.

The event was brainstormed by Cosmopolitan’s publisher Nancy Berger, who was inspired by the enormously successful model for Alibaba’s annual Single’s Day in China. Exclusive deals were offered for Macy’s products, as well as other brands, including Adidas, Foot Locker, Saks Off 5th, Express, and Rebecca Minkoff. Cosmopolitan put out a handy guide for customers to find all of the brands participating, as well as a list of their top picks.

Parts of the event were hosted by Jackie Miranne, who is the daughter of Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop who was a fixture on the Home Shopping Network in the 90s. Miranne’s involvement was an interesting nod to both how shopping from home used to be in decades past, and also how much things have changed.

All of this was available through the mobile app ShopShops. Klarna included a $20 credit with the code HAULIDAY for those downloading it for the first time. The code also worked for additional discounts across all of the brands, with some of them offering up to 30% off and even 65% off sale items during the 48 hour event. ShopShops, the livestream app from China, has been gaining steam in the US along with the rise of livestream shopping the past year. With their established track record and ease of use, many brands are turning to ShopShops for events like Hauliday, instead of trying to build their own platform from the ground up.

Klarna, for example, has a mobile app for customers to use to bookmark their favorite stores and brands, which it certainly would have preferred to be driving people towards during this event. But the app wasn’t built to support livestream shopping, since that wasn’t the original purpose of the e-payment brand. This meant that for now, Klarna had to tell its shoppers to download the ShopShops app to participate. Klarna has expressed interest in creating their own video platform soon, which no doubt means they are permanently pivoting towards livestream, and planning to roll out several more events like Hauliday long term.

Hauliday is part of Klarna’s larger push to become a household name for online shoppers. They also recently aired a Superbowl commercial starring Maya Rudolph highlighting their interest free payment plans. The Swedish company is gaining popularity by helping shoppers buy things and pay over the course of 30 days. If they can continue to connect their US customers with their favorite brands for discounted events like Hauliday, that is certain to continue.


Recent Live Streams from Top Brands

Lexus unveils Twitch fan designed one-of-a-kind “Gaming Car”

Brand: Lexus

Platform: Twitch

Reach: 412K Views

Date: February 18

Back in January, Brand Storytelling reported on Lexus partnering with Twitch streamer Fuslie to let gaming fans customize a one-off Lexus IS. The project has come full circle now, with the crowdsourced car being recently unveiled in another livestream on Fuslie’s Twitch channel, which has 785k followers. The hour-long stream followed Fuslie as she was given a tour of all the bells and whistles on the showpiece, which had all been chosen by her fans. The theme of the inside of the car is Neon Tokyo, and it’s complete with a gaming console in the passenger seat and LED lights in the ceiling meant to mimic driving under Tokyo skyscrapers. While the car isn’t exactly practical to drive around in, Lexus is banking on using this stunt to connect with gamers and younger consumers. While Lexus itself doesn’t have a Twitch page, it has certainly noticed that Honda has seen some success building a gaming community on the platform.

Spotify: Stream On

Brand: Spotify

Platform: YouTube

Time: February 22

Spotify livestreamed its annual Stream On report on its