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Kevin Best, Contributing Editor, BrandStorytelling.tv


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Stage TEN Taking Center Stage for Live, Interactive Content

The live broadcast platform Stage TEN is making it possible for anyone to have the core capabilities of a broadcast control room in a simple web application. Stage TEN enables users to easily produce and distribute professional streams, allowing them to interact with followers around the globe. It doesn’t hurt that their website has a how-to video for every possible question one could have when starting to use the platform. Once you have the hang of it, live shows can be multi-streamed across up to 32 different Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter pages for ultimate reach.

The company is behind some of entertainment’s latest high-performing productions including Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” music video premiere, John Krasinski’s prom special for Some Good News, and has produced major livestreams with Justin Bieber, Chrissy Teigen, YouTube Music, Atlantic Records, and more.

A recent partnership with the band Why Don’t We on January 10th had Stage TEN produce a live album signing party on their interactive video player, Rozy, and on the band’s Youtube Page, which has 3.65 million subscribers. Fans who posted a trending hashtag on Twitter were randomly selected to join the livestream to have their question answered by the band. Stage TEN’s newly launched commerce features powered the show’s interactive elements and in-show purchase capabilities. Fans were able to purchase limited-edition signed albums from Why Don’t We in real-time during the show.

Another recent collaboration that shows off even more of what Stage TEN can do has been a new gameshow on the popular Youtube channel Jacksfilms, which has 4.7m subscribers. The show, called YIAY (Yesterday I Asked You) Time: The Game Show, is live and interactive, thanks to the participation of a virtual audience. Stage TEN enables the key aspects that make the six-episode show a genuinely interactive experience. The technology is designed to allow creators to produce and direct a show completely remotely, with features such as a virtual backstage area to allow a director to give cues to on-screen talent, a flexible and easy-to-use interface to bring in multiple video feeds, and the ability to drag-and-drop graphics and overlays. What’s really unique is the launch of Stage TEN’s customizable interactive tools, including real-time voting on the video player itself and the ability to pull in audience comments during the show. This allows on-screen talent to react to fans while the show is streaming, empowering viewers to be a part of the action.

Some other upcoming event partnerships include a live episode of the award winning podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking on Valentines Day, and The Bodcon 2021, a one day virtual conference on Body Confidence with Jameela Jamil. In addition to their broadcasting technology, Stage TEN offers production partnerships, creative development, and training.


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