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Brand Storytelling Network at Brand Storytelling 2023: Q&A with Event Producer Drew Parkhill

Jordan P. Kelley, Content Director, Brand Storytelling

This Winter, Brand Storytelling will launch its new premium online platform for the brand storytelling community, Brand Storytelling Network (BSN). As part of the launch, Brand Storytelling will host content from its upcoming winter event Brand Storytelling 2023: a Sanctioned Event of Sundance Film Festival.

Brand Storytelling Creative Director and Event Producer Drew Parkhill weighed in on the interconnectivity between the upcoming event and platform launch:

What is BSN and who is it for?

Brand Storytelling Network is a premium online platform hosting a community of leading voices from the biggest brands committed to the business, education, and inclusivity of brand storytelling. For interested brand storytellers, BSN is your education partner and professional community dedicated to brand storytelling, where you can gain access to thought leadership, professional certifications, case studies, and live events focused on navigating the working world of brand-funded content.

What is the relationship between BSN and January’s event, Brand Storytelling 2023?

This January in Park City, Brand Storytelling will host around 200 people for 3 days of in-person networking, receptions, screenings and panels with live Q&A and, of course, brand films. It’s a great way to participate in Sundance Film Festival with other high-level marketers, brand storytellers, and their partners.

BSN will serve as host to any and all virtual participants looking to have access to the very same films set to screen in Park City, along with other works that have been officially selected for Brand Storytelling 2023 as well as pre-recorded panels for each film.

What kind of content tied to Brand Storytelling 2023 will be available on BSN?

Anyone with an annual BSN membership will be able to access each of the Brand Storytelling 2023 Official Selection screeners, as well as pre-recorded panels for each film. These panels will be recorded on zoom prior to the in-person event and will include exclusive discussions with directors, brands, producers etc. - each moderated by one of our esteemed selection committee members.

How will attendees of Brand Storytelling 2023 be able to access BSN?

If you are attending Brand Storytelling 2023, a Sanctioned Event of the Sundance Film Festival, you will be given 90-day access to BSN at no additional charge. This way, in-person attendees can access screeners and pre-recorded panels as well.

Do those attending Brand Storytelling 2023 need to access BSN?

They most certainly can - but they don’t need to. We feel that some in-person attendees would like to minimize the time they spend in large groups inside, so we see BSN as a way to provide access to these screenings at the attendees' leisure. The pre-recorded panels will be exclusive to BSN viewing. Live Q&A in-person will be minimal.

Can people not attending Brand Storytelling 2023 have access to the digital content from Brand Storytelling 2023?

Annual BSN Memberships include access to an array of exclusive content and educational material as well as all the digital content from Brand Storytelling 2023.

What else is there to find inside BSN after Brand Storytelling 2023 concludes?

There's so much great stuff in BSN beyond this winter's event, like access to an extensive video library of interviews, panels and discussions as well as industry recognized and academically supported professional certifications. With invaluable resources like industry reports, white papers, access to job postings and opportunities, member-driven group discussions, and virtual meet-ups, BSN is the ultimate brand storytelling resource that will serve brand storytellers and their partners year-round.


Interested in joining BSN? Become a member of BSN Beta today and receive access through 2023.


About Drew Parkhill

Drew Parkhill has been producing interview content with media and marketing executives at dozens of industry events for well over a decade. As creative director at Brand Storytelling, Parkhill is responsible for the company's visual branding and production of video content and live events.


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