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Our brand sponsored cohorts provide RFPs connecting course instruction to application.

Brand Storytelling Certifications

Our educational content provides a foundation in brand storytelling.

Brand Film Certification
Consumers want to engage with brands that entertain vs. interrupt.
This course provides a foundation in all aspects of the brand-funded film.

Purpose-Driven Certification
Authentic and effective purpose-driven content provides opportunities
for brands to connect to the communities they serve.
(Content available November 2022)

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B2B media entrepreneur, founder of InfoText, Digitrends, iMedia and BrandStorytelling. A media junkie and observer, infatuated with the impact of media and technology on culture and society. Producer of over 100 advertising and media events, publisher, and journalist.  


Award-winning professor, (digital) marketer and higher education administrator. Marshall consults and trains companies, universities, and students to digitally transform customer experiences to exceed organizational goals.