What it Takes to Define Branded Content

Jordan Kelley, Content Director, BrandStorytelling.tv

The term “branded content” is bandied about widely, but often is not an accurate description of a brand’s relationship with that content. Brands have their hands in all sorts of non-interruptive content forms today, but definitions are lacking. There’s a prescient need to create definitions around brand-funded content categories. Difficulties in the ability to articulate the nature of the content being created at any stage of production or distribution can turn a once-promising piece of creative into a major miss. In fact, terms like branded content and its synonyms have even begun to become dirty words in meetings, forcing storytellers to communicate the value and position of their stories in ways that, creative as they each may be, aren’t universally adopted.

David Beebe (Founder & CEO, STORIFIED) and members of the Elevate Summer Session recently gathered to discuss this need to define and label the various content forms bra