The Rise of Virtual Experiences

by Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

The restrictions placed on our everyday lives by the Global Pandemic have had the result of forcing innovation and putting energy and resources toward ideas and experiences that, prior to Coronavirus, were at best niche and at worst on the back burner. But with more and more people opening themselves up to innovations and experiences being offered in the current moment (even if it's only for a total lack of anything else to do), the popularity of some of these experiences has shifted from on the back burner to up-and-coming, some being touted as foretelling the future.

One such example is The Weeknd's Virtual Concert held on TikTok. The concert was made available to view to all TikTok users and featured artist The Weeknd in animated proxy form, delivering a concert with 5 of his hit songs. The concert featured elaborate digital environments artfully designed and in alignment with The Weeknd's aesthetic and branding. Interactive elements were included to incorporate the TikTok audience, including translating "likes" into visual fireworks represented within the app. At one point the audience was asked to participate in a poll to determine wether or not the animate