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The Brand Storytelling Network Introduces 'The Story Club' For Brands and Partners

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

Last week within the Brand Storytelling Network, the members-only executive community program where potential content partners can meet regularly online for group chats, panel discussions, idea-sharing, film premieres, and more, a new activation was launched: The Story Club. The Story Club provides a chance for BSN members to share story concepts and themes that could ultimately be supported, funded or sponsored by a brand. Participants provide feedback and ideas that may help hone the story, suggest the best format, prospective talent, production, distribution strategy, and more for participating members.

The first gathering of The Story Club yielded unique and interesting contributions from participating BSN members and helped codify the process of ideation around brands looking for stories and concepts that align with their content initiatives. Check out these three great stories that serve as prime examples of what it means to explore the possibilities brands have to connect with and amplify stories worth telling:

Choosing To See: A Blind Odyssey

On May 17, 2021, Shawn Cheshire, a blind female Paralympian and Army veteran, will embark on an unprecedented journey to ride a single bike across the United States, coast to coast, 3900 miles. No blind athlete has ever attempted it before. Choosing to See will document this incredible test of spirit and grit while telling the multi-faceted story of an extraordinary woman, Shawn Cheshire, who chooses to live life not defined by her loss and trauma but by the power of self-belief. Watch the video above to see Marcus Peterzell from Passion Point Collective and Shawn Chesire share her story first-hand.


What does it mean to be a living ghost, a functioning member of society, but not exist on paper in one of the most powerful countries in the world? For the hundreds of thousands of Stateless people living in the United States, this is their reality.

No country in the world to appeal to for protection. Cut off from fundamental resources. Separated from family for decades.

This is the story of the resilient humans fighting to resolve their statelessness, with themes of challenge, identity, belonging, communication, human rights, and ultimately the power of community and the possibility of change in the United States and across the world.

Megan Weissenstein, founder of Boyish (, shared #RaiseYourVoice – a project that demonstrates the power of using your voice to create change.

#RaiseYourVoice was initially picked up by a media company, enabling funding for five filmmakers to participate in the project. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the project was canceled, and subsequently, so was the funding.

Boyish has now partnered with Vox Media to provide the project with a platform and built-in audience. Together, they're looking for a brand to support this vision.


For more information on The Story Club and to learn more about the Brand Storytelling Network, visit or reach out to


About Jordan Kelley

Jordan Kelley is the Content Director at He's an essayist, editor, and observer intent on mapping new media trends and disseminating the most relevant information in the world of branded content. Jordan is a lover of stories and an avid consumer of new media.


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