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Target Launches Creator-Inspired YouTube Series 'Teammates of Target'

Jordan P. Kelley, Content Director, BrandStorytelling

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Target asks and answers the question, "When someone has to 'run in for just one thing' at Target, what does the person they are with do while waiting outside?" in the retailer's comical new web series Teammates of Target. The new series is born from the success of the organically viral YouTube Series Husbands of Target, which humorously depicts a group of husbands who find community while waiting for their significant others to finish shopping at Target. A collaborative effort between Target and digital content agency Portal A emerged, adopting and expanding on the original series and resulting in a new brand content offering that expands the world of Husbands of Target to include wives, children, professional athletes, and more.

Target and longstanding digital content partner Portal A (check out their previous work here) recognized the potential of the organic Husbands of Target series and envisioned it as a brand series, setting out to breathe life into the concept on a larger scale. The brand and branded entertainment company also brought in the original creators of Husbands of Target – Charlie Berens, Dude Dad, OhhYouBetcha, and Holderness Family – to serve as the core talent for the series.

The first Teammates of Target video dropped in time for the Big Game in February, a nod to the video's entertaining cameos from NFL players Matthew Stafford and Garret Wilson. The second Teammates of Target video also draws on collaborations, featuring WNBA stars Kelsey Plum and A'ja Wilson in an episode centered around pickleball. Target's partnership with Prince sparked the inspiration for a pickleball-centric video; Plum and Wilson's affinity for the increasingly popular sport made them a great fit for the video.

Teammates of Target's reach extends beyond its long-form episodes on YouTube, with short-form content tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts contributing to the series' overall view count. This multi-channel approach ensures maximum exposure and engagement across various demographics and online communities.

The success of the series is evident in its audience reception and engagement metrics. The first episode alone amassed 40 million views across platforms, a testament to its widespread appeal and viral potential. Viewer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with audiences praising the series for its humor, relatability, and clever brand integration. With more episodes in the pipeline, Teammates of Target shows no signs of slowing down, poised to continue to entertain.

Teammates of Target is a great example of what can happen when brands partner with agencies and content creators to expand their storytelling profile. Inspiration from an organic video series presented a seamless opportunity for the brand to opt-in and resulted in a new type of storytelling for the retailer, demonstrating the power of collaboration, creativity, and strategic storytelling. As the series evolves and continues to connect with audiences, it serves as a compelling case study for brands seeking ways to leverage content creator partnerships, work with brand story agencies, and shake up their brand content offerings.



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