Pause, Play, or Forward: What Do I Do With Branding Right Now?

Haem Roy

2020 began as every year does for marketers, with annual plans, quarterly plans, projections, optimism, hope, and eagerness for innovations. Every brand had a strategy for growth, expansion, customer acquisition, brand awareness, loyalty, and more. The rest as they say is history. With so much going on, and priorities having changed drastically for both businesses as well as consumers, does branding and strategy even matter? Let’s start with understanding the current state of mind of people, because understanding the human aspect must always be the first step. People are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and often unsure about... well everything. I know I am one of those too. They are also exhausted. Meanwhile, businesses are focused on not going under. And understandably so. As critical as it is for companies to find ways to stay afloat, it is also important to be mindful of how your brand and business is being perceived. As the fatigue intensifies, the last thing people need is another brand selling to them, another compan