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Jukin Launches New Channel on Pluto TV: Q&A with VP of Linear Programming Jill Goldfarb

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Jukin Media, owner and operator of a portfolio of digital entertainment brands that combine for more than 200 million followers across social media, announced last week that its owned-and-operated brand People Are Awesome will launch as a new 24/7 streaming channel on Pluto TV.

People Are Awesome tells the many stories of those who thrive on pushing the boundaries of human endeavor and achieving the seemingly impossible. On social media, People Are Awesome has over 60 million followers and receives 500 million monthly video views across platforms. The brand was nominated for a 2020 Streamy award for Best Sports Channel and has received Telly, Shorty, and Webby awards recognition in previous years.

People Are Awesome joins other Jukin brands FailArmy and The Pet Collective on Pluto TV. In total, Jukin’s linear channels receive nearly 6 million monthly hours of viewership.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Jill Goldfarb, VP of linear programming at Jukin Media, to learn more about Jukin’s relationship with linear content and how it can be produced without physical production:

How does People Are Awesome online differ from the People Are Awesome Channel? What will the People Are Awesome programming slate feature? 

The People Are Awesome linear channel features the same awesome digital content that our fans know and love, but designed specifically for the longer linear viewing experience. The programming slate will feature linear-produced full episode player (FEP) in both half-hour and hour formats with a robust editorial calendar of marathons and stunts. Shows will include franchise originals, like People Are Awesome’s award-winning documentary series The E/O, a new original series entitled PAA Presents hosted by skateboard pro Isiah Hilt, and licensed content, such as a brand new action-packed half-hour series from GoPro (self-titled).

What is Jukin’s relationship with PlutoTV? When did it originate?

We have been working with Pluto TV since Fall of 2017, when FailArmy and The Pet Collective made the transition from social brands to linear channels. Pluto has been an amazing partner to work with and we are excited to be launching our third channel with them.

Why make the pivot to linear TV? What’s the value in putting a focus on linear content?

Jukin Media has been a leader in adapting to the changing landscape by making its brands available everywhere there’s an active, enthusiastic audience. Our FailArmy and The Pet Collective brands are thriving in an OTT linear environment, and we feel extremely confident that People Are Awesome, with its remarkably inspiring entertaining and visually stunning content, will follow suit.  

Linear also offers a new way to monetize. Linear, OTT, and CTV have become a meaningful revenue stream for us, and we’re doubling down. We’ve seen a lot of success here. 

How are you launching an entire channel amidst the grinding halt of production the world over? 

We’re fortunate that a lot of our production is done in post since we leverage our library of user-generated content. UGC is one of the few ways producers are able to create new content in this new normal. People all over the world are still creating and sharing amazing content daily, and we’ve seen so much creativity coming from everyday people who are showing their “awesomeness” even during COVID. Some of our videos also reflect the current times of people in their homes and practicing social distancing. We have acquired over 450 videos that show the resilience of communities coming together or applauding our heroes. 

What are your hopes for this content, especially during this challenging time?

People Are Awesome is a motivational and inspirational channel where we show ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In normal times, people look for positive programming and that seems to be the case now more than ever before. 


About Jill Goldfarb

Jill Goldfarb (VP, Linear Programming, Jukin Media) is a content strategy leader with over 15 years of content strategy, scheduling, acquisitions and strategic planning experience. At Jukin Media, she is responsible for all aspects of developing, managing and optimizing the linear programming strategy across Jukin’s brands and partners. She is an experienced multi-platform and linear executive who began her career in storytelling at Good Morning America. Jill’s prior roles include VP of Programming at the Discovery Channel and VP of Program Planning and Scheduling at FOX and ABC Family. Jill has a BA in Economics from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.


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