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Idea Amplification is the Really Exciting Potential of Generative AI

Special Report:

Creativity & AI

The spark inside the lightbulb was generated with Stable Diffusion Deforum using the prompt “close up of shimmering spark, burning sparkler, bright light, emitting sparks, abstract painting” Credit: Ana Kova

Idea Amplification

When I was 18 years old I discovered I had an unusual ability. One day I found myself humming a tune and realized I couldn’t place it. So I decided to sing it into my computer’s sound recorder program, including the lyrics. When I played it back, it was obvious I had just made up the whole thing, melody, lyrics, and all. Not only that, but I kind of liked it. So soon enough when I found myself humming another unplaceable song, I did the same. It started to happen so often, it became a kind of hobby. Over the next few years, I accumulated hundreds of original improvised lyrics and melodies.

Unfortunately, beyond this unusual hobby, I don’t have any well-developed musical skills or talents. I can barely keep to a beat, read musical notation, or play any instrument well. And anyway, I was dedicating most of my energy back then to becoming a computer scientist and AI researcher, so I didn’t feel I had time to really dedicate to developing this questionable “talent.” As a result, while my song collection accumulated, there was nowhere for it to go.

But you have to wonder, do I have some kind of latent musical talent that I simply lack the tools to express? Are there tiny seedlings of musical grandeur lurking in the deepest reaches of my mind, never to be planted? Maybe there are creative seedlings in your mind too — tiny sparks of inspiration utterly exclusive to you, yet beyond your ability to ignite with your current skill set. The sadness for us all is that these sparks from beyond our domains of expertise have nowhere to go — locked inside, never to see what might have been.

Until now, that is.


Freethink Media, a digital publisher telling stories about the people and ideas moving our world forward to over 20+ million followers, recently released a special issue: Creativity & AI. Each week we will highlight here one of Freethink’s compelling articles or docu-style videos that delves into the influence of AI and its profound impact on our world and society today. Known for captivating content featuring news from the frontiers, Freethink is committed to being a trusted source for exploring the transformative power of AI. Rob Chapman-Smith, VP Editor in Chief, and Blair Milam, VP Brand Partnerships and Strategy, from Freethink Media, will be presenting at the Elevate conference on AI & Creativity. If you’re interested in exploring how AI is shaping various industries and gaining insights into the future of AI-driven innovation, their upcoming panel session on Wednesday, July 19th, from 9:00-9:30 am MST is an excellent opportunity to learn more! Rob and Blair will bring you frontrow to the storytellers experimenting with the edges of this cultural movement and discovering how AI can transform creativity to enhance our world. Prepare to be inspired as they share unique perspectives on how AI is reshaping our world and opening up new horizons of possibility for all.


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