Get to Know Story + Strategy Ahead of Elevate 2022

Jordan P. Kelley, Content Director, Brand Storytelling

Today’s agencies, brands, and studios want real brand experience, real creativity, and real storytelling. These are the tenets we seek to uphold at Elevate, which is why this year we’ve partnered with Story + Strategy to do just that. We’re privileged to be able to leverage Shawn Brain’s experience as a strategic and creative marketing leader and Marc Battaglia’s prowess as a long-time global creative executive to get to the heart of brand storytellers’ needs in this space. We recently caught up with Shawn and Marc to discuss their thoughts and feelings ahead of Elevate 2022:

Where does your passion for Story + Strategy come from?

We are risk takers and innovators by nature. We met while working together in Marriott’s Content Studio where we were always looking to find new, better and different ways to tell emotive and breakthrough stories across the company’s 30 brands.

Story + Strategy was born from a gap we saw in the market: brands with incredible stories to tell – some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t – who just didn’t know where to start when it comes to brand storytelling. Our passion lies in helping these brands identify the ownable insights off which to build compelling stories and then bringing these stories to life in a really powerful way, tapping into our network of incredible directors, editorial writers and podcast producers. What’s more, it’s incredibly rewarding (and admittedly sometimes a little scary!) to wake up every morning and know that we’re building and creating something wholly new – the potential for Story + Strategy is limitless and that’s super exciting.

How are you lending your expertise to the curation of Elevate 2022?

The work that we’re doing with Elevate is actually very similar to what we do with our brand partners. When working with brands, we call it our “Discovery Phase” but really, it’s where we dig in to learn as much as we can about the brand, target audience, industry, etc. all in an effort to pull out meaningful insights off which to build an overall strategy and framework.

With nearly 30+ brand interviews conducted already for Elevate, we’re looking for common themes and insights to help inform breakout session topics, ensuring they are value-driven and grounded in what’s most important to attendees. We’re trying to dig deeper than broad or expected subject areas to ensure we’re igniting meaningful conversations that are relevant for today’s realities and unique brand challenges.