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Experience the BSN: The Story Club

Live on Zoom - Thursday, May 6th at 11:00AM PST

The Story Club provides a chance for BSN members to share story concepts and themes that could ultimately be supported, funded or sponsored by a brand. Participants provide feedback and ideas that may help hone the story, suggest the best format, prospective talent, production, distribution strategy, and more for participating members.

This week we want to invite you to join! You're invited to sit in on The Story Club and get a feel for the kinds of conversations happening in the BSN. Check out several of the stories we have in store for this week's gathering, register, and be sure to tune in this Thursday, May 6th, at 11am PST:


Format: Narrative feature film, true story, based on existing IP

Presented by:

Brian Bowen | VP, Head of Production & Executive Producer, PACE

The untold true story of the Red Ball Express, the WWII supply chain in Europe, operated solely by African American soldiers. Not allowed to fight in traditional battle next to their Caucasian counterparts - these unsung and unknown heroes of WWII were a critical component that allowed the allies to secure victory over Germany. For the lucky member of the Red Ball Express that lived to return home - the war continued, as these heroes battled systemic racism and anonymity for the remainder of their lives.


Presented by:

Nora McInerny | Creator, American Public Media Group

Nora McInerny is a master storyteller, creator and host of American Public Media’s acclaimed podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking. She is an expert at having difficult conversations about the harder topics in life – trauma, grief, mental health and addiction issues – that are filled with heart and humor making them more approachable and relatable. Watch Nora's Trailer.


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