Docs & Brands in a New Streaming World

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, May 20th at 12:00PM PST

These stay-at-home days have people cutting the cord and rushing to streaming platforms like never before. As reported in the Wall Street Journal last week, 3 million homes cut the cable in the first three months of 2020 and that pace is picking up during the pandemic. According to a recent report by research firm eMarketer, TV ad spend in the U.S. will decline by an estimated 22.3% to 29.3% — or $10 billion to $12 billion. With live sports sidelined and consumer cord cutting on the rise, interruptive advertising is in a steep decline.


Now may be the time many brands will turn to documentary film and series production to connect with their target audience. This timely discussion will focus on:

- The role long form documentary series and films can play in helping to build brand awareness, reach a brand's audience, and drive ROI

- The current state of the marketplace for documentary content at the streamers, studios, networks, etc. How documentary projects are typically packaged and sold? How brands can better navigate through these waters

- The perception of documentary content to the general public, and viewership trends

- And, will address the question; why haven’t more brands taken advantage of this format? Budgets are manageable, audiences are engaged, and there are a number of ways to both monetize and distribute.


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