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'Content That Moves' Returns! Ep. 16: A Conversation with GoDaddy's Adam Palmer

Content That Moves - The Brand Storytelling Podcast is produced in partnership with Credo Nonfiction. Episodes were captured as part of the Brand Storytelling Network and feature a diverse array of Brand Marketers doing top work in their field.

Episode 16: GoDaddy Humanizes Brand Vision with Episodic Documentary Storytelling

Director of Creative Production Operations at GoDaddy, Adam Palmer discusses how and why the brand began creating episodic documentary content across multiple series in order to humanize brand vision and purpose. Adam offers ideas around best practices for finding great stories and why it’s worth putting a lot of time and effort into the story discovery and casting process for storytelling initiatives, especially as it relates to documentary-style video content. View the work discussed at


About The Podcast

As brands become publishers in the era of digital saturation, how do you create content that stands out and inspires your audience to act? Brand Storytelling and Credo Nonfiction present a new podcast for brand marketers and communications professionals to learn from the most innovative minds in brand storytelling how to create content that that builds meaningful connections and ultimately moves the bottom line. Hosted by Emmy and James Beard award-winning content creator Jesse Roesler.


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