Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Gen Z & How COVID-19 has changed their lives

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, April 15th at 1:00PM PST

Gen Z, like the rest of us, have had their world turned upside down due to COVID-19.  Wattpad sought out to understand how they're currently spending their time and navigating their new "normal", their biggest concerns, and how they expect brands to respond in this unprecedented time. They tapped into their U.S. Gen Z youth panel to find out, and the results from analyzing hundreds of responses provide timely and surprising insights for marketers. 

Tune in to get a first-look at the results from the survey that wrapped up early April, and learn first hand from agency and brand marketers on how they are changing their strategies to connect with Gen Z during this time.  


Discussion Points:

  • How is Gen Z choosing to spend their increased time at home?

  • How does Gen Z expect brands to support their communities and customers during COVID-19?

  • How does Gen Z feel about brands creating humorous content right now?

  • What social platform is Gen Z spending more of their time on?

  • What is Gen Z's current view on shopping and spending money?

  • How can brands connect with and entertain Gen Z in unique ways during this time?

  • How has COVID-19 changed Gen Z's outlook on life, and what are they looking forward to most when things return to normal?

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