Audience Segmentation and the Gamer Personas

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, June 17th at 12:00PM PST

It’s time to redefine and reject the stereotypical “gamer” persona. There’s a whole new generation of gamers who live to tell a different story. From power gamers to sports fans in search of a live-game replacement, and from casual gamers diving back in to families looking for group activities, gaming has hit a tipping point as audiences begin to explore gaming more deeply. Today’s gamers are multi-dimensional -- influential and diverse -- with discerning attitudes towards brands and the money to spend on them. In this session, we’ll break down the various types of gamers including the demographics, traits, behaviors and influence. We’ll explain why brands need to pay attention; best practices on how to capture their attention and engage them; and the key traits and potential that today’s gamers have to become brand evangelists for non-endemic brands.

Discussion Topics:

- Who is the Gaming Audience: Casual, Mainstream, Power Gamers?

- What is Motivating People to Play?

- Which Titles or Genres Appeal to each Audience Segment?

- How Endemic and Non-endemic Brands Can Engage?


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