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Mapping the Trails:’s Andrew Strickman Discusses Elevate’s ‘Measurement’ Trail

Week by week, Brand Storytelling has been bringing you exclusive insight into each of the Elevate “trails” (our clever name for the panels at our summer event), featuring input from our esteemed trail guides.

This week we’re taking a closer look at the fourth and final trail, 'Measurement', with the help of our highly qualified trail guide Andrew Strickman, SVP, Brand and Creative at We connected with Andrew to discuss the ins and outs of Elevate’s measurement trail:


Hi Andrew - Let’s jump right in; where do you stand on measurement? Does the industry need a standard unit of measure for brand-funded work?

I’m not sure there needs to be a common denominator of measurement; even in the world of TV a GRP no longer means much more than a translation of how many people saw your message — it doesn’t satisfy our innate desire to know whether the right person saw it, what they thought of it, how it portrayed your brand or if they will act on it. That’s the brilliance of the digitally driven world we live in today: we can find the people most attuned to the message we are trying to communicate, we can deliver them a message wrapped in content that matters to them and probably entertains them, and we can determine what happened after they experienced our content: did it drive them to engage further with our brand, transact business with us or just have a positive interaction that may pay dividends later? The Fourth Trail of Elevate will be as much about defining an evaluation process by which we anticipate whether our creative will break through, what impact are we looking to make with a particular piece of content, and what the ultimate definition of success will be. Once we define our measures of success, and our distribution strategy, we can determine and define how we measure against it.

What can people expect to get out of the group discussions?

The group discussions are where all the goodness happens; it’s an opportunity for attendees to actively ask questions, join the discussion and share their perspectives. I made some very strong personal/professional connections during the discussions last year, and it gives people an opportunity to expand the conversation beyond the opinions of the three or four people on stage during the panel.

What’s the largest takeaway you hope attendees will get from the ‘Measurement’ trail?

That nobody has it all figured out. That we are all learning by doing and the best way to drive greater success is to share our work in these type of venues to discuss how we can all better our efforts. The collaborative spirit and support we need is present at Elevate, and it’s one of the things that sets this event apart from so many others I attend.

What are you personally looking forward to getting out of Elevate 2018?

More of this special sauce that made the first one so exciting for me. I finally felt as if I was amongst like minded friends I’d never met, sharing our experiences and appreciating the work that will drive the future of advertising and marketing. This is not a conference where biz cards are exchanged at cocktail hour, rather it’s where ideas are exchanged, and the creative spirit lives and breathes. Maybe it’s the mountain air in Deer Valley, but more so I think it’s the positive, supportive, energetic spirit that everyone brings. I can’t wait.

About Andrew Strickman:

Andrew Strickman has spent two decades as a creative leader, brand marketer, strategist and social media obsessive focused on drawing consumers and brands closer together through rich, joint storytelling. He consistently delivers results aligned with acquisition, growth, engagement and brand health objectives across a variety of marketing platforms including TV, digital, experiential, social, and influencer.


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