Elevate addresses the opportunities and challenges facing marketers in a media environment where interruption is increasingly less effective. The Elevate “trails” (the panels) will address these opportunities and challenges, each featuring a group of hand-selected advisors and partners whose strengths lie in each specific trail subject: investment, support, distribution, and measurement.  Each of these topics will be introduced and discussed on stage by a panel, followed by breakout sessions in which small group conversations aimed at developing best practices, strategies and tactics will take place.

Lewis Henderson

Purpose Content

Jeremy Liebman

Digital Strategy Manager

Gabe Gordon

Reach Agency

Philip E. Daniels, Esq.

Ginsburg Daniels LLP

Marc Battaglia

Executive Creative Director
Marriott International

As interruptive messaging becomes less effective, how do we choose what to invest in? How do we evaluate content, formats, medium? On this trail, attendees will learn how to make the right investment decisions. There are a lot of choices out there for marketers with constant innovation and an ever-expanding palette of mediums and formats; The 'Invest' trail will dive deep into how to evaluate the landscape, from content types and formats to partners and platforms.

Mark Book

SVP Digitas Studios

Dave Arnold

Executive Creative Director
Pereira & O'Dell, NY

Eric Levin

EVP, Chief Content Officer
Spark Foundry

Glisten McCrary

Head of Creative Agency Partnerships

How are brands building their internal teams and how do they expect their external teams to be staffed? How do we look at human capital in the face of efficiency from both a cost and time perspective? In this trail, we’ll discuss organizing content, creativity, and how brand stories are planned for and produced in the new world of people, platforms and technology. We will go deeper into understanding the opportunities and challenges that executives face internally as much as externally and ways to frame the best approach for your brand.

Brett Lyons

Branded Entertainment

Marcus Peterzell

EVP, Entertainment

Matt Wind

Brand Partnerships

Austin Shumacher

Head Entertainment Marketing

How do you ensure your content has the right scale, and is reaching your target audience?  How much media do you buy to support your initiatives vs. relying on organic reach and built-in platform scale? This trail will focus on selecting the best connection point between your content messaging and the audience through choice of distribution model, as well as how to leverage distribution audience insights in the creative process to ensure audience engagement and impact.

Anda Gansca


Andrew Strickman

SVP, Brand and Creative

Kevin Brown


Sleep Number

Kirstin Falk

Brand Storytelling & Innovation
Charles Schwab

Nick Childs

Chief Creative Officer
Reprise Digital

Business goals and KPI's may differ, but how do we find a common denominator when it comes to measurement of content efficacy? In doing so, how do brands win a wider slice of the media pie? This trail will delve into the act of determining which indicators to bring back to the C-Suite to prove a return-on-investment and secure budgets, as well as introduce the conversation surrounding the creation and use of uniform measurement standards for determining the ‘success’ of a campaign.