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'Versus' - A New Awesomeness Series with Gatorade

Versus, a brand new scripted series from Awesomeness created in partnership with Gatorade, premiered last Wednesday, 11/22 on go90. Versus focuses on rival lacrosse players Madison and Lauren who must learn to deal with their differences when they’re forced to play on the same team for a summer tournament with major college prospects. The series highlights the challenges the teen female athletes face on and off the field and highlights the important life lessons girls learn through participation in sports that can help them succeed later in life.

Maddie McCormick (Camera Store) Camille Hyde (American Vandal), Claudia Sulewski (t@gged), Brandon Larracuente (13 Reasons Why), and YouTube singer/songwriter Megan Nicole star in the series.

Versus is being launched in tandem with Gatorade's new campaign, "Sisters in Sweat." This campaign aims to shed light on the growing problem of girls dropping out of sports (teen girls today drop out of sports at 1.5x the rate of boys by age 14), by showing that staying in sports throughout their teenage years has long-term, personal benefits, no matter what they decide to go “pro” in.

Watch the first episode here.


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