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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Sports are Cancelled - Storytelling Isn't

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, April 1st at 1:00PM PST

How will brands pivot in a media world without games?

What are brands to do when no games are being played? What happens to the activation and ad budgets attached to the Olympics, NBA, MLB, The Masters, Grand Slam Tennis, etc., etc? Should brands be investing in sports stories now that illuminate the athletes on the sidelines? What are fans doing during this period and how can brands entertain and engage?

Discussion Points:

  • How can brands integrate with at-home athletes to create meaningful stories?

  • What tactics are being applied to produce athlete content when production has stopped?

  • What are sports fans doing in the absence of live games? Are they turning to virtual and e-sports?

  • How are brands reaching and engaging sports enthusiasts during the pandemic?

  • How are budgets being redirected from canceled events?


Hosted By

Brian Kamenetzky

Host of ESPNLA 710, Writer at The Athletic

Brian Kamenetzky is a sportswriter and radio host in Los Angeles, contributing to outlets including the LA,, ESPN The Magazine and The Athletic. Additionally, he has worked with athletes creating content at The Players' Tribune, and multiple studios for sponsored feature stories and videos.


Brad Griffiths

Senior Director, Sports Marketing, The Marketing Arm

Brad is a Senior Director of Talent Marketing at The Marketing Arm (TMA).  At TMA, Brad spearheads the agency's global athlete procurement efforts, including the identification and negotiation of talent for all of TMA’s clients. Additionally, Brad has 12 years of experience in the sports marketing world, with prior stops at the New England Patriots, National Basketball Association and MKTG. He lives in Long Beach, CA with his wife.

Nate Houghteling

Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Portal-A

Nate Houghteling is the co-founder and Executive Producer of Portal A, an award-winning agency that creates breakthrough content with the most influential talent and brands in the world.


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