Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Reexamining Career Paths

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, April 1st at 12:00PM PST

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” - Yogi Berra

The marketing and media world have been in a period of upheaval and disruption for years, and now a pandemic is spewing fuel on an already hot fire. For many, this time of crisis is exacerbated by career uncertainty and loss of employment. For many, it is a time to assess skill sets, strengths, passions, future opportunity and the fork that lies ahead.

This discussion will examine the current and expected shifts brands are and will be making in their advertising and messaging strategy and the opportunities that come along with those changes. Individuals steeped in the “advertising” business, should be expecting a difficult road ahead as brands step back from selling and forward into deeper customer support, engagement, information and content production. Now is the time for brands, their partners and individuals to be forward-thinking and prepare for what’s next.


Discussion Points:

  • Will the pandemic really force brands to reevaluate their advertising and messaging to stop selling? Will they invest more in content that gets their message of support and compassion out to customers and prospects? Does this really portend a rise in the need for brand content?

  • What challenges and opportunities does the pandemic bring to the brand content/entertainment business? Are these budgets the first to get cut or will brands require beefed up content initiatives and teams to create and execute? Where are the opportunities for individuals reassessing their current roles or have just lost jobs?

  • How can individuals from the advertising industry pivot to the content business? What sort of skills and ad industry roles transfer to content marketing and entertainment.

  • What resources are brands leveraging for content? Are they building internal teams or outsourcing or both? Where should individuals be looking for employment opportunities? What are the positions that need to be filled?


Hosted By

Rick Parkhill

Co-Founder & Director, Brand Storytelling

B2B media entrepreneur, founder of InfoText, Digitrends, iMedia and BrandStorytelling. A media junkie and observer, infatuated with the impact of media and technology on culture and society. Producer of over 100 advertising and media events, publisher, and journalist.


Megan Finnerty

Senior Director and Founder, Storytellers Brand Studio