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Today! January 24th at Brand Storytelling 2020

Today's schedule is jam-packed with sessions, panels, and discussions from our featured partners at Brand Storytelling 2020:


UM Studios and USPS Announce

Feature Documentary from Director Dana Nachman

January 24, 1:00 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Coming off of the success of 5B, UM Studios will announce their next film. Share a sneak preview of the film and get insider info on the process of brand funded feature-length films at this exclusive panel.


Patronage vs Promotion: Engaging Consumers in the Podcast Space

Presented by Los Angeles Times

January 24, 1:15 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

At LA Times Studios, our challenge is to push our partners to a place where stories can be told with emotion, balance, and candor. In our 2019 partnership with Focus Features, it was hardly a challenge at all. Together, we navigated the hottest space in content marketing – podcasting – to create an original podcast called "Obsession" as the ideal promotional vehicle for the film Greta.


Understanding Why:

A Conversation About the Power of Value-Aligned Partnerships

January 24, 1:30 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

With more media companies merging and more brands finding ways to tell their story through non-traditional collaborations, it’s no secret that in this crowded landscape, partnerships matter. But, it’s also true that not all partnerships are created equal. The best, and most effective partners are those that feel authentic and enhance each brand's mission. Tasked with the objective of creating opportunity for underrepresented voices and shining a spotlight on their work, SoulPancake, Southwest, and Wattpad teamed up to develop a campaign, rooted in aligned values, that would not only bring each brand’s mission to life but also illustrate how mission-driven partnerships have the power to drive impact, reach customers, and achieve business goals. In this fireside chat, representatives from SoulPancake, Southwest, and Wattpad will discuss their experience and the importance of shared values and a common “why.”


Brand Storytelling Honor Roll - Sponsored by Twitter

January 24, 1:45 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

This year, Brand Storytelling set out to honor a small class of exceptional brand storytellers. You know who these folks are: the ones who go to bat for budgets, spend tireless hours on set, and work with their agency, content and media partners to produce exceptional content. They are the ones sticking their necks out day after day because they love what they do and they believe good things come to brands who stop interrupting and start creating stuff people will love and benefit from. We are excited to honor those individuals at Brand Storytelling 2020.


Forbes CMO Panel: Leadership In Brand Storytelling

January 24, 2:30 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

At a time when branded content and storytelling are at the heart of successful brand engagement, how must and are CMOs leading the directive on storytelling strategy, aligning resources and platforms for unified, powerful, and authentic effect? Moderated by Forbes CMO Network Editor Jenny Rooney, this panel will dive into best practices and case studies, exploring the marketing leadership that’s necessary to bring true brand stories to life.


Surprise & Delight: Shock Factor Content with Results

January 24, 3:00 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Out of the 1 billion hours of YouTube content that’s watched daily, 88% of views are coming from influencer content. With more content out there than ever before, coupled with limited attention spans we’re seeing shock factor content resurfacing -- and it’s coming back much bigger and with more resources than ever before. As a result, brands are getting excited for the potential visibility from these types of tailored opportunities.


Building Impactful Audio Branding: A Conversation with Capital One

Presented by National Public Media by NPR

January 24, 3:30 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Smartphones, voice activation and investments by some of the largest platforms have fueled access to audio in more places than ever and driven 20% growth in the spoken word category since 2014 (Share of Ear, Edison Research). Today brands are expanding their marketing strategies to include more sound - from adding audio to media plans to experimenting in content marketing to full-scale sonic branding. National Public Media, NPR’s sponsorship subsidiary, has worked with brands across industries to leverage the power of the NPR environment and spoken word to share their stories. At Brand Storytelling, NPM President & CEO Gina Garrubbo sits down with Sukhi Sahni,Sr. Director, Consumer Card PR of Capital One, to discuss how the financial brand is incorporating audio into their communications and marketing approach.


The Story Behind the Smile - Presented by Facebook

January 24, 3:45 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Using everything from in-store packaging to social video to augmented reality, Lay's & GroupNine partner up to shine a light on real people and their missions to spread joy.


Behaving with Purpose is "Fair Play":

A Collaboration with P&G, Hello Sunshine, & author Eve Rodsky

January 24, 4:00 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Talking about purpose and mission is one thing, behaving with Purpose is something else. When first time and best-selling author Eve Rodsky approached Hello Sunshine to partner on the book "Fair Play" about rebalancing domestic life, Reese Witherspoon's media company Hello Sunshine, with its mission to change the narrative for women knew it was a unique opportunity to start a long overdue cultural conversation. P&G, with their mission to advance equality uniquely understood that while advancing equality in the workplace is important, so is advancing equality in the home. Shannon Pruitt, will moderate a discussion on how these 3 missions and partners came together to advance this very important topic through a customized storytelling approach across platforms and how brands behaving with purpose can have real impact in the daily lives of people.


Long Term Partnership - the secret to success

Presented by Dell Technologies and Insider Studios

January 24, 4:15 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

NThe 2016 merger between Dell and EMC was the largest ever in the tech sector. Although it had a rich history, Dell Technologies had an exciting but scary challenge ahead of it - launching and rapidly building a new brand focused on reaching c-suite decision makers. Find out how a stopgap solution blossomed into a multi-year content partnership between Dell Technologies and Insider Inc., yielding a broad and expanding library of articles, videos and more that has driven millions minutes of engagement to date. — no small feat in B2B marketing.


Digital wellness: The future of social storytelling for a generation.

Are you ready to take back your lives?

January 24, 4:30 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

This session will touch on a new narrative that’s beginning to be written for young people. How authentic storytelling is driving Digital health wellness, for the sake of a generation.


Marketing in the Age of the Streaming Wars

January 24, 4:45 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

The streaming wars are upon us. Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, Amazon Prime and the rise of Disney+ have introduced a seismic shift in movie and TV consumption, with billions of dollars being invested in SVOD promotion. As part of the most competitive field in the modern marketing landscape, it requires incredible innovation and creativity to win consumer's choice. Hear from one of the leaders in the field as they share their learnings and insights about marketing in the age of the streaming wars, and how they are leveraging every part of the marketing toolkit - from context to creative - to build their platform for growth.


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