Q&A with the Makers of "Here am I, Send Me"

Here Am I, Send Me tells the incredible true story of Team Goldstar and Team Freedom, two groups of Veteran servicemen who set out to honor the 75th anniversary of D-Day with a round-canopy parachute jump into Normandy, France. The documentary features Scoti Domeij, member of Team Goldstar and mother of Army Sergeant First Class Kristoffer Domeij, who jumps with Army Rangers to honor the memory of her late son.

Cisco, the end-to-end networking telecoms company and financier of “Here Am I, Send Me”, is set to screen the film on Saturday, January 25th at Brand Storytelling 2020, a Sanctioned Event of the Sundance Film Festival.

We sat down with Matthew Griffin (AKA Griff), former Army Ranger who appears in and Executive Produced the film, as well as Zane O’Gwin and Devin Graham of Devinsupertramp, the video production team behind the exceedingly popular Devinsupertramp YouTube Channel, to learn more about the experience of making “Here Am I, Send Me”:

Who was approached to direct and when?

Devin Graham: The way this entire project came about was we have an awesome relationship with Google since we are one of their top creators on the YouTube platform. They had heard about the story from Griff, one of the people highlighted in the film, and they thought it was a great story. Google then had us jump on a phone call with Griff to hear a little bit about their story and they told us their plans to jump into the 75th anniversary with a gold star mom. Everyone on our team got really excited and thought it would be a powerful story to tell.

We have a couple different people that direct projects for our channels we run. Zane and I are the two main directors for our channel. With this project based on the story we thought Zane on our team should be the director on this one, and Zane was the one who made it happen from a director, writer, and editor standpoint. My role with the film would be executive producer and director of photography/cinematographer. But Zane was the one I chose to direct this film based on knowing he brought the most to the table to tell the story the best.

This project is unique when measured against the rest of the Devinsupertramp body of work. Did that present challenges for you? What was this experience like when measured against so many of your other unique opportunities as filmmakers?