Topgolf Original Series: Q&A with Creative Director Chad Nelson

When it comes to Topgolf, though golf may be in the name, it is just one aspect of this inventive global sports entertainment community’s multi-faceted approach to curating entertaining experiences. They’re reaching beyond their over 50 locations into the streaming space, producing several online series that connect to the heart and soul of what Topgolf is all about: good food, good music, and having a good time.

Brand Storytelling interviewed Topgolf Chief Creative Director Chad Nelson to learn more about Topgolf original series, the impetus behind producing those series, and what others can learn from Topgolf’s experience in the content arena:

The Topgolf YouTube Channel is home to many series - What Topgolf shows are currently airing/in production, and what inspired the choice to create and operate a channel with multiple Topgolf programs?

We launched Season 2 of Who Will Rock You on March 28. The show - which is about the search for American’s next supergroup - is our most successful series to date with over 350 million impressions and 25 million views. Season 2 is bigger and better - we’ve increasing the number of episodes, number of bands, featuring bigger songs and partnering with BMG as our music label. Now the winning band will earn $50,000, an exclusive development deal with one of BMG’s labels and headline the new Topgolf Tour. In addition, we have a number of other shows slated for production this year and are excited to announce a diverse mix of original series that speak to audiences interested in everything from food and lifestyle to sports and entertainment.

Topgolf is the epicenter for engaging entertainment experiences – it’s not just about playing golf. The impetus behind Topgolf Media and to operate a channel with multiple programs is to elevate the consumers’ experience beyond our venues, creating original content series whose touchpoints speak to, engage and connect with audiences’ passions.

Topgolf series seem to center around the kinds of experiences you can have at Topgolf beyond hitting the ball, like food and music. Tell us more about shows like Chef Showdown and Who Will Rock You. What are the benefits and differences of each?

Topgolf exists to bring people together in meaningful ways. Clearly we do this through sport and/or play… but what brings people together from all walks of life better than food and music? Thus, we built 2 content series around that idea that Topgolf is bringing people together through these different storytelling pillars – Topgolf Chef Showdown and