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WATCH: The Brand Storytelling 2019 Keynote

On Thursday, January 24th, Brand Storytelling 2019 held its Presenting Partner Showcase - a who's who of new media leaders demonstrating thought leadership manifesting itself in great strides within the brand-funded content space. The program opened with a keynote delivered by Ben Silverman, former department head of William Morris Agency, Co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and current Co-CEO of Propagate Content. In this fireside chat, Henderson and Silverman discuss the current state of the media business and its future, the opportunity for brands, talent and platforms, the continuing influence of technology, and how to program to an audience that wants to be enlightened and entertained, not interrupted.

Brand Storytelling is proud to bring you this keynote from our 2019 Presenting Parter Showcase, now available for viewing on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the Brand Storytelling Newsletter and our YouTube Channel to stay up-to-date on the latest original content from Brand Storytelling.

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