No Strategy? No Story.

Done right, content marketing is about combining:

  • the art of advertising

  • the craft of storytelling, and

  • the science of digital marketing.

Content Marketing is utilized by companies to establish brand identity, sell products, and command an audience. But here’s the thing: it’s unlikely content will lead to business results if creative ideas aren’t built on a foundation of marketing objectives and audience insights. So I was surprised to learn that Accenture Interactive’s recent State of Content Survey, found … “only 40 percent [of marketers surveyed] strongly agree that they clearly understand the goals of their content.” In other words, 60 percent of marketers surveyed by Accenture are making content without a clear idea of WHY they’re making it in the first place. Cam Brown, CEO of King Fish – a leading content marketing firm – says, “If you are not following an overarching engagement strategy, how are you going to direct your content to compliment your overall business strategy and goals? If you’re making it up as you go, your messaging, video, and visuals will not align with a consistent voice for your company. You’ll run the risk of looking inconsistent and disjointed to your prospects, and that’s an unforced error. Without a solid content strategy, your brand and product positioning differentiation will assuredly underperform against expectations.”