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Audiences have more ways than ever to consume content. As access to content increases and becomes more democratized, today's media ecosystem is full of possibilities for brands to connect with audiences all over the world.


Data shows that audiences are hungry for deeper, and more authentic, entertainment content. This new style of storytelling engages viewers beyond traditional marketing methods. It’s clear this alternate approach to brand engagement has an impact with core audiences that drives brand affinity, performance, and ROI.

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Decision makers are asking for proof of performance with data that was designed for content intended to serve a different purpose.


While traditional advertising has established best practice frameworks for performance modeling, there’s no standardized measurement by the industry to assess how and why brand-funded entertainment content works.

We believe there’s a very real and relevant need to create a framework to assess whether investing in long-form content can specifically benefit a brand, and support their ROI decision making process.


There's no industry agreed upon definition for brand entertainment, which means we're all having different conversations about what it is, where it goes, and how it's supposed to perform. Which means there’s no system of measurement that’s been standardized by the industry to assess how and why this content works.

We see a real need to both create an agreed upon definition/ nomenclature, as well as create a system of assessment that proves the dollars spent in this new landscape pay off in new and different ways for the brands that decide to invest in it. Our call to action will also establish the best practices framework through additional research, brand storytelling ROI modeling, etc.

We know that budget holders need a strong rationale to spend any part of their annual budgets on non-traditional content.

With that in mind, our mission is to define unified standards for best practices, measurement & ROI so key decision-makers and budget owners can accurately assess ROI and so brand storytellers have a best practices framework.

Ultimately, our collective effort will provide the c-suite and other key budget holders with a system of predicting the success and impact brand storytelling can and will have on their ROI.

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We are asking you to join our mission – either as a participant or as someone interested in our research journey.

If you have experience in this space serving roles either working for brands, agencies, media publishers/broadcasts/streamers or production companies and would like to participate (e.g., via interview, case studies, data access, etc.) please let us know by indicating YES on the form below. We will follow up with you! 


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