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BrandStorytelling descended upon Austin, Texas on March 11th and 12th as an official partner of SXSW. Bringing best-in-class programming and speakers from the leaders in non-interruptive advertising. Join other brand leaders, storytellers, strategists and technologists; to connect and learn about the evolving opportunities and effectiveness of brand-funded orignal content.

This Official SXSW 2-day event took place during the Film & TV Festival, on the Advertising and Brand Track, as well as the Creator Economy Track.

A varied group of brand storytellers joined us for fireside chats, panel discussions, and plenty of happy hours with opportunities to mix it up with other attendees.

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The BrandStorytelling Speakeasy at SXSW 2024 took over ‘The Basement’ at the iconic Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden, located in the heart of Austin on historic Rainey St.
With a capacity of 180 qualified attendees, we created an always-on networking space wth curated presentations, as well as fireside chats, touching on all aspects of brand funded content and entertainment.
Both days consisted of open bar networking, lounge-style panels and chats, evening happy hours with entertainment and h'ordeuvres.


Monday - March 11th

Revolutionizing the Measurement of Branded Funded Entertainment

10:00 AM

Revolutionizing the Measurement of Branded Funded Entertainment


Meg Wells

Fractional Chief Content Officer,

Development Exec + Director/ Showrunner

unnamed (1).jpg

Jessica Wolfson

Executive Producer

Indeed Creative


Kevin Keane



unnamed (2).jpg

Matt Mise

Head of Pacific Content

Rogers Sports and Media


Andy Cooper


One Minute To Midnight 

Everything’s Bigger in Audio

10:30 AM

With attention rates measured in hours--instead of fleeting seconds--an original podcast is increasingly becoming the table stakes for brands with ambitions to turn strangers into brand lovers. 


Led by Pacific Content, celebrated for a decade of excellence in original podcasts with the world’s biggest brands, this session is your guide to captivating audiences and leaving them cheering for more. With research on the growing podcast audience, how they respond to brands, and the formula for success of creatively brave brands in audio, this session will inspire your next storytelling project. Dive into the hearts and minds of fans with audio.

unnamed (2).jpg

Matt Mise

Head of Pacific Content

Rogers Sports and Media

unnamed (3).jpg

Tom Webster


Sounds Profitable

We are Not a Monolith: How Brands Can Resonate with Black Consumers with Authenticity, Not Appropriation

11:00 AM

There’s no question that Black culture and sensibilities drive culture across the globe. But we’re not all one in the same - African-American, Afro Latina, African and biracial, our colorful tapestry is nuanced and varied. Learn how brands can connect authentically with the Black audiences that they’re trying to reach . . . who will eventually reach everyone else.

unnamed (4).jpg

Dr. Patrice Le Goy

PhD International Psychology, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

unnamed (5).jpg

Randi Matthews

CEO and Founder

Multi-Hyphen Media

unnamed (6).jpg

LaToya Christian

Managing Partner, Executive Director of Inclusive Strategy


The Purpose is Not the Product: Centering Stories on Impact

11:30 AM

Many brands believe that their brand affinity messaging should center on their products — but what they are selling or providing is not as important as why they are doing it, and the impact that their actions have on real people. What really matters is how that product, that brand, makes their consumer feel. 


The Condé Nast Mission Studio — a purpose-driven studio focused on social and environmental impact storytelling — works with brands to better understand their impact and produces powerful stories that contextualize that impact in cultural conversation across Condé Nast publications. Renowned nonprofit Ronald McDonald House Charities understands that their messaging should not be about the “what” but about the “why and how,” and has a many-year partnership with the Mission Studio to ensure audiences understand their impact and purpose: to provide essential services that remove barriers, strengthen families, and promote healing when children need healthcare.


Nina Van Brunt

Founder and Global Head of Mission Studio Condé Nast

unnamed (27).jpg

Jill Topf

Manager of Creative Content & Brand

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)

How Toys”R”Us is using AI to Engage its Dynamic Audience

1:00 PM

The future is now! Discover how Toys“R”Us Studios is leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology to tell the origin story of the iconic mascot, “Geoffrey the Giraffe.” Kim Miller, CMO and President of Toys“R”Us Studios, has joined forces with the dynamic Creative Director, Nik Kleverov, of Native Foreign, a pioneer in AI-driven storytelling. Hear how they are embracing the new digital creative frontier. Moderated by Janet Haas, SVP of Research and Insights at Forbes, this event promises to be a dynamic exploration of the convergence of art, technology, strategy, and a touch of bravery, setting new industry benchmarks.

Kim Miller 2023 head shot.jpg

Kim Miller


Toys“R”Us Studios 


Nik Kleverov


Native Foreign

Lizards, Legends & Laughs: How GEICO Evolved The Way They Entertain

1:30 PM

In a world where everything becomes a movie…GEICO unveiled "Legend of the Lizard", a funny, heartwarming 15-minute film about The GEICO Gecko. Designed to peak during the Super Bowl, the film's format-busting campaign broke out of the 30-second box the brand was known for, racking up 1.2 billion earned media impressions with features in the likes of Variety, Adweek, AdAge, and more.


From the insurers that practically invented comedic advertising, GEICO’s “Legend of the Lizard” campaign entertained audiences in a bigger, more immersive way than a one-off ad ever could. Now on March 11th (1:30 PM), the creators will be taking the stage to share the magic behind the work as a case study for comedic storytelling in the age of entertainment.  


The session will include a screening, panel discussion, and Q&A.


Michelle Moscone

VP, Brand Creative & Content


unnamed (7).jpg

Ryan Raab

Creative Director


unnamed (1).png

David Shafei

Director & Co-Founder

World War Seven

unnamed (8).jpg

Janett Haas

SVP, Research & Insights


#UnInterrupted: Making your brand part of the story. 

Not an interruption.

2:00 PM

The audience has voted.  They don’t want their content interrupted with ads.  The good news is AI-driven product placement is now being offered in a programmatic fashion to create an entirely new category of advertising.  Creators like it because they can build their content with no concern for scripted brand integration.  Advertisers like it because they can reach a broad, highly interesting audience with a new kind of media buy.  Viewers appreciate it because it means their content is #uninterrupted.  Find out how Fortune 500 brands are using this new technology to embed in content in hours rather than weeks or months.

unnamed (9).jpg

Cory Treffiletti

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer


unnamed (26).jpg

Wilson Standish

Head of Content

Hearts & Science

Rethinking Brand Storytelling: Indeed Rising Voices

3:00 PM

Join Executive Producers Jessica Wolfson (Indeed Rising Voices) and Doménica Castro (271 Films) as they discuss how Indeed’s Rising Voices is a new type of brand storytelling - by equipping promising filmmakers with tools to make impactful films that embody the brand story. Hear about their backgrounds in film, how they’ve seamlessly bridged the gap between commercial and narrative work,  and what it takes to make good films. 

unnamed (1).jpg

Jessica Wolfson

Executive Producer

Indeed Creative

unnamed (10).jpg

Doménica Castro

Executive Producer

271 Films

Tuesday - March 12th

Marketing in the Age of 3D Engagement

10:00 AM

Open gaming worlds offer boundless possibilities for brands. Discover how to create captivating 3D content that drives engagement.

Matt Edelman Headshot3a.jpg

Matt Edelman

President and Chief Commercial Officer

Super League

The White House - More Like Your Brand Than You Think

10:30 AM

Building awareness for the current administration’s agenda, values and mission is a monster task with complex and competing stakeholder agendas, resource challenges and a lot of constraints. Digital media veteran Christian Tom - effectively The White House’s “Brand Director” will outline the hurdles and share the progress that he and his team has made and how they are leveraging new digital channels including social influencers to reach critical niche audiences in new ways. Following a short presentation, Christian will sit down with John McCarus - Founder of the digital recruiting and advisory from Content Ink to talk about what’s on tap as The White House embraces new channels and partners to build awareness in an election year.  Three part format: Presentation, Fireside chat and Q+A.

unnamed (2).png

John McCarus

Founder / President

Content Ink

unnamed (3).png

Christian Tom

Director of Digital Strategy

The White House

The Value of Story-Driven Product Design

11:00 AM

Discover HELM's convergence of footwear design and storytelling. Our session examines how we identify places, characters, and craftspeople, and unite them with product innovation throughout each product's design phase. We'll look at how our business connects with local artisans and creatives to make each launch unique, while staying true to each location's roots, and how that fuels brand loyalty. 


Brooks Thomas

President & CMO

HELM Boots

MAMMAL:  The Importance of Design and Animation in Storytelling and Filmmaking

11:30 AM

Ahead of Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated summer blockbuster, Oppenheimer, MAMMAL was approached by NBC News Studios and Christopher Cassel, Executive Producer and Director for Castlepix to create the title treatment, narrative animations, and scientific infographics for newly Emmy-nominated To End All War: Oppenheimer and The Atomic Bomb. 

Hear Robert Burroughs, founder of MAMMAL, discuss his process, visual approach, and how collaborating with a design and animation partner early elevates storytelling.

unnamed (11).jpg

Robert Burroughs



Connecting with Gen Z Latinos through La Cultura

1:00 PM

Latino culture has long influenced American culture, changing the way marketers reach the growing U.S. Hispanic population — and the way in which Gen Z Latinos are driving our collective culture, in particular, is critical to any brand’s relevance. They want brands to acknowledge their heritage and experience as Hispanic Americans. As brands look to build meaningful connections with this growing audience, creator content is a huge priority. Following nearly 30 creator-driven campaigns in 2023, and a growing list in 2024 around some of the biggest moments in Latin culture, TelevisaUnivision’s social expert Cat Gallego, Sr. Director of Social Strategy, will sit down with creatorsFranchela Ulises and Sol Carlos to discuss TelevisaUnivision’s creator content strategy and the brand partnerships — the likes of which include Walmart and Expedia — that have engaged Hispanic America through an in-language, in-culture approach.

unnamed (12).jpg

Cat Gallego

Sr. Director of Social Strategy


unnamed (13).jpg

Franchela Ulises

Content Creator

unnamed (14).jpg

Sol Carlos

Content Creator

The Business of Mr Beast

1:30 PM

More Details Coming Soon

90’s Nostalgia, Eight Flavors and a Timeloop:

The Making of Groundhog Lay’s

2:00 PM

While brands often tap into the holiday spirit for creative campaigns, Groundhog Day IN February is often overlooked

. . . until now. Weaving tongue-in-cheek brand storytelling into a 1993 cult classic, Lay’s®, Disney Advertising, Maximum Effort and KIMMELOT launched the Groundhog Lay’s campaign on February 2 featuring multiple custom ads, a questionable time loop, a daylong ad takeover, an iconic character and eight flavors of Frito-Lay chips.
Join key creatives and executive key stakeholders from Lay’s, Disney, Maximum Effort and Kimmelot as they share how a campaign 30 years in the making came together in less than two weeks.

unnamed (18).jpg

John Campbell

SVP, Streaming and Client Solutions

Disney Advertising

unnamed (17).jpg

Dan Sanborn

Head of Marketing & President

Kimmelot & Wheelhouse Labs

unnamed (16).jpg

Amanda Corral

Senior Director of Paid Media

PepsiCo Foods North America

unnamed (15).jpg

Regan Przybyl

VP, Brand Marketing & Media Strategy

Maximum Effort

Big Swings: How Major Brands Take Risks on Social Media

3:30 PM

With saturated social media and savvy audiences, it’s vital to make bold choices to capture attention and stir engagement. We’ve seen brands go viral teasing the titillating. But how do you balance brand safety and creativity when taking risks? What do you need to know before taking a big swing? A candid conversation with experts from major brands will reveal how they make an impact on social media, including working with creators and influencers, while staying true to brand identity/values.

unnamed (19).jpg

Kelley Myers

Head of Social Media for Consumer Brands


unnamed (20).jpg

Gabe Gordon

CEO and Co-Founder

Reach Agency

unnamed (21).jpg

Monica Earle 

Senior PR & Brand Communications Manager 


Breathing New Life into an Iconic Brand:

The Story Behind Armadillo World 2.0

4:00 PM

The Armadillo was an iconic 70’s music venue in Austin that hosted the world's greatest music acts from AC/DC to ZZ Top.. Although the original venue closed, 50 years later the Armadillo rides again as the brand is being relaunched through multiple platforms, including a collaboration with Austin's Major League Soccer team Austin FC, a documentary film, music releases, and live events. Learn first hand from the new Armadillo team how this relaunch came about, and get a sneak peek at the treasure trove of live footage from the Armadillo stage.

unnamed (6).png

Marcus Peterzell


Passion Point Collective

unnamed (5).png

Stephen Marshall


Armadillo World

unnamed (4).png

Megan Lindon

Senior Director, Brand & Merchandise

Austin FC


Andy Langer


Austin City Limits Radio

march 12 party lockup.png
unnamed (22).jpg

Hosted by

Jenna Laurenzo

Triple threat Award-winning Director, Writer, and actress who starred in the feature comedy Lez Bomb which made its premiere at Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival where it won the jury award. Lez Bomb was executive produced by Bobby Farrelly (There's Something About Mary, Dumb & Dumber) and co-stars Oscar winner Cloris Leachman and Oscar Nominee Bruce Dern. Lez Bomb was Laurenzo’s follow-up to Girl Night Stand, her viral short that garnered over 33 million views. Laurenzo was also featured in the Oscar winning film (Best Picture) Green Book.  Laurenzo recently formed the indie-pop duo The Fleetways performing in the showcase.

unnamed (23).jpg

Liam St. John

8:00 PM

Liam St. John is a Chart-Topping blues artist splitting his time between Nashville and Los Angeles. Liam’s debut full-length project, “stripped back”(June 2022) reached #1 in Top Blues Albums globally on Apple Music, followed up by a successful nationwide tour hitting 67 cities. Liam summited the same chart a year later with his sophomore record “All The Bad Things.” At the crossroads of the blues, roots and rock & roll, Liam St. John commands his truest form by combining lyrics that embody the blues with their piercing and painful truth, and delivering a captivating performance with vibrancy true to the spirit of rock and roll. Liam floods the room with an electrifying energy, washing over every stage he graces. St. John made his mark in Nashville after inking a publishing deal with King Pen Music by way of Warner Chappell at the end of 2022 and a recording deal with Big Loud Records in 2023. Liam St. John’s catalogue frequents the Spotify editorial playlists such as blues roots, acoustic blues, nu-blue and POV: you sold your soul to the devil.

unnamed (24).jpg

The Fleetaways

8:40 PM

The Fleetaways featuring actress Jenna Laurenzo (Green Book, LezBomb) and Michael Browne is an indie folk duo whose influences include Americana, country-rock, and the classic harmonies of bands like the Mama’s & The Papas.

unnamed (25).jpg

SONiA Disappear fear

9:30 PM

SONiA from Disappear Fear is a world class composer and artist who has sold out the worlds most notable showcase clubs. Writing songs in Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, German and in multiple genres from blues to middle eastern to country/western and folk, making music lovers around the globe.

unnamed (7).png

Kiss Bang

10:30 PM

Kiss Bang is the ultimate modern pop duo. Between the powerful, soulful voice of lead singer Kaya Stewart, and the aggressive yet ethereal playing and production from guitarist/producer Max Mercier, Kiss Bang brings an energy and rawness to the clean lines that have been drawn in pop music for the last 20 years.



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