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Travelers Can Still Explore America via GoUSA TV, Brand USA’s Streaming Channel

Jody Raida, Founder, Lemonade

With media consumption up 60%, travelers are seeking content to transport them to new places. GoUSA TV is leading the way.

Travel isn’t just an industry, it’s part of the human condition. Whether to find oneself, experience another culture or just relax and unwind, the desire to discover the world is hardwired into our DNA. As times have changed, the ways travelers form perceptions of a place have changed too - from stone tablets to books to movies to tablets again. Yet one thing has remained the same - our need to share experiences via storytelling.

Now that the coronavirus has paused most face-to-face interactions the world over, people are engaging with each other via social media and streaming more video content than ever before. GoUSA TV, Brand USA’s streaming channel, provides the opportunity to tap into the power of entertainment to ensure that USA destinations are top of mind when people are ready to travel again.

Each week, GoUSA TV is rolling out new programming to help explorers continue travel dreaming while they stay at home. New content includes original shows, Trails & Trailblazers, California Pop, and Americanos, as well as licensed series, Atlas Obscura, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and a curated USA selection of Anthony Bourdain's beloved No Reservations series.

Viewers can currently stream the following programs on GoUSA TV, several of them produced by the Brand Storytelling community:

This original five-episode series takes viewers on a road trip across California to experience the state’s lesser-known pop-culture landmarks. In partnership with Visit California and produced by Saville Productions, the show follows two fun-loving best friends as they explore Gold Country, the Central Valley and the vast California coastline. During their journey, they meet a diverse cast of unforgettable characters — creators, purveyors and stewards of pop culture — who overcome obstacles to carve out their own creative corner of California. Click here to view the trailer.

Trails & Trailblazers follows an adventurous young pilot, Ariel Tweto, as she discovers new and unexpected places across the USA. Viewers are taken to uncharted territories in Alaska, virtually kite surf along Oregon’s scenic Columbia River Gorge, and even see what it is like to ride the bison on Antelope Island in Utah. The series is produced by the Academy Award-nominated producers at MacGillivray Freeman Films. Click here to view the trailer.

This groundbreaking five-episode series introduces viewers to the cities, neighborhoods, and people behind the vibrant Latinx subcultures that make these towns one of a kind places to explore. The show was developed and produced by La Reyna, the creative agency born out of a collaboration with Vice’s Virtue and award-winning director Robert Rodriguez’s (Sin City, From Dusk till Dawn, and El Mariachi) El Rey Network. Click here to view the trailer.

GoUSA TV is currently looking for more travel stories. If you have content that uses storytelling to bring USA destinations to life that you would like to be considered for distribution on GoUSA TV, or if you have original series ideas, please reach out to

GoUSA TV is available for streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Samsung TV Plus, YouTube, and via the Apple iOS store and Google Play. 


About Jody Raida

Jody Raida is an industry leader in brand storytelling with over 20 years of experience developing, producing, distributing and monetizing media across all screens and platforms, including film, television and digital video. She is the founder of Lemonade, a boutique media consultancy that advises brands, agencies and media companies on premium story-driven entertainment for revenue and growth. She consults on programming for GoUSA TV, a streaming channel about US travel launched by Brand USA, the destination marketing organization of the United States.


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