To New Memories: Q&A with Hilton’s Kasey O’Leary

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

As the travel and tourism industry manage through the global pandemic, Hilton has continued to believe that the desire to travel, experience new cultures and connect with others is core to the human experience. According to a new study conducted on behalf of Hilton, Americans say travel is their most frequently recalled happy memory, more than special occasions or personal achievements and the majority cite creating lasting memories as a primary motive for trips. All this staying at home leads 90% of survey respondents to believe that the nation is facing a travel memory deficit that will have a long-lasting impact, including greater stress and missed opportunity for special moments with loved ones. Additional insights showed 94% of Americans are planning on traveling once they feel comfortable doing so, and 66% even say they will stop putting off trips they have always wanted to take. These consumer insights, ahead of the coming holiday period, have given Hilton the confidence to launch the global “To New Memories” campaign