The Lighter Side of Gaming: Comedy and Community

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, July 8th at 12:00PM PST

During this era of crisis, studies show that comedy is the #1 genre that viewers are consuming. As consumers seek deeper community ties and lighter topics in entertainment, similar trends are occurring in the world of gaming. While first person shooter games are one of the most widely recognized gaming genres, comedic game content is frequently overlooked; however, it’s a huge part of the gaming enthusiasts’ lifestyle. As part of the gaming ecosystem, comedy is a major gaming passion point that brings gaming fans together to bond as a community over similar sensibilities. From comedic personalities and pranks during “Let’s Plays” to major television networks like Adult Swim programming content for gaming and nerd culture, comedy and gaming are often interwoven. In this session we’ll dive into the evolving community aspects of the gaming ecosystem and how comedy is bringing this group even closer.