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Conscious Minds Leverages Discord to Create Branded Series for Jack in the Box

Conscious Minds continues their partnership with Jack in the Box to create “Always On Entertainment” to serve the fans what they want: laughs, access to authentic voices, and good food. An early example is the recently released limited series “Radical Snacks,” a mouth-watering comedic cooking and talk show inspired by fan chatter on Discord and hosted by chef, artist, and musician Jahphet Landis (aka Roofeeo).

Weaving in slap-happy middle of the nights feels with loopy recipe ideas–––buffalo chicken stuffed egg rolls anyone?–––“Radical Snacks” sees celebrities, influencers, and creatives joining Landis to make and sample an assortment of adventurous #jackhacks, with conversation along the way. Episode three, “Chasing Rings,” dropped Monday, Nov. 21, just in time to provide inspo for Friendsgiving potlucks. Featuring WNBA star Chiney Ogwumike, it featured an onion rings hack: “Spicy Onion Ring Loaded Curly Fries."

“The idea for Radical Snacks was born on Discord,” says Conscious Minds Founder and Studio Executive, Blake Heal. “It's entirely audience driven. You’d have people on there professing their love for Jack’s ranch dressing and coming up with these wild concoctions: ‘What if they made a ranch dressing milkshake?’ So we thought, ‘why not run with that?’” There’s an element of fans challenging the brand and brands challenging the fans to outdo one another. It’s a really unique (and fun!) form of engagement and translating that dynamic into a series has been a very rewarding project.”

“Radical Snacks is all about building content for our customers based on what they love most about our brand,” says Morgan Higgins, Director, Social Media and PR. “We're always monitoring our social listening and found that customers were sharing some wild #jackhacks. Our partners at Conscious Minds developed a content series that celebrated the fandom, while also showing the variety of Jack's menu through ‘always on’ entertaining content.”

This is just the beginning of entertaining shows, creator partnerships, and social moments to come from Jack in the Box and Conscious Minds partnership. Passing the mic to the fans and building a community that gives back to the people is what Jack in the Box is all about.


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