Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Brands on TikTok during Social Distancing

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, April 22nd at 12:00PM PST

These are unique times. We are in broadly uncharted territory. Studies show consumers want to hear from brands. They are looking for leadership. For younger consumers, TikTok has become the goto platform. The platform now is estimated at 60M US users, and younger consumers have quickly adopted the platform. Content and trends cycle through TikTok faster than any other social platform, and the advent of social distancing has increased that tempo. Now is the right time to connect with younger consumers in the right way and more and more leads to TikTok.

In this session we will breakdown TikTok from a brands perspective. What are the trends, how should brands approach the platform and what are the strategies to build meaningful connections with younger consumers during this critical and challenging time.


Discussion Topics:

· TikTok is a new platform and with its recent rapid growth, many brands are considering how they should engage consumers on the platform. What should all brands know and consider before getting started?

· What are best practices for brand storytelling on TikTok and how have you seen those come to life?

· Brand storytelling on TikTok involves its own set of unwritten, constantly changing rules, what are some pitfalls brands should avoid?

· How has the pandemic changed how brands should approach the platform? Are consumers looking to hear from brands, and if so what type of messages are appropriate?


Hosted By

Dave Rosner

Head of Marketing


As the EVP, Head of Marketing at Collab, a leading entertainment studio and network representing a roster of 500+ of the top social media talent, Dave’s primary focus is developing the positioning and driving momentum for the top ten ComScore rated YouTube partner. He joined Collab in January 2019 to launch the company’s first media sales division.