Q&A with New Brand Storytelling Advisory Board Member Greg Manago

Greg Manago’s lifelong passion for telling stories and entertaining audiences found a home in his professional life by way of creating content. As a key leader of Mindshare Entertainment, Manago has created groundbreaking and innovative digital content for the past seven years. He’s been a creative leader in the development of some of the largest branded content campaigns in the field, including Unilever and Sprint's In The Motherhood, Degree's The Rookie partnership with 24, Unilever's Smith/Winter/Mitchell campaign that ran during Mad Men, Poise's Great Women in History, the launch of Magnum Ice Cream (featuring three films directed by Karl Lagerfeld), Degree's Masters of Movement, and Royal Caribbean's Royal Deck-athlon. And now, he is the newest member of the Brand Storytelling Advisory Board.

Brand Storytelling sat down with Manago to find out what excites him about the future of branded entertainment and what he aims to bring to the Brand Storytelling table:

What first brought you to the world of branded content?

Before anyone knew what Branded Content was, I was working at Vh1 as a senior producer on 100 Greatest Kid Stars in 2005 when my former boss from Broadway Video, David Lang (currently Mindshare’s Chief Content Officer) called me and asked me to come work for him at an agency called Mindshare. I had no idea what Mindshare was nor what I was getting into, but David said: “there’s a great opportunity here to do something special.” I was a little bored in my job at Vh1, so I gave it a chance and never looked back!

What do you want to gain from being on the Brand Storytelling advisory board? What do you want to give?

I am looking to learn, to be inspired, and to meet the best storytellers working in the business today. I want to give whatever the membership is looking for me to give. Hopefully I can be a resource and maybe we can have some fun along the way...

What branded content trends do you think are worth watching in 2020?