Today! January 25th at Brand Storytelling 2020

Today's schedule is chock-full of screenings from Brand Storytelling 2020's esteemed brand filmmakers:

Almost Famous

Screening and Q&A

January 25, 09:30 AM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

What does it feel like to quit The Black Eyed Peas before they blew up? What if you were hand-selected by JFK to be the first African American astronaut, yet you never made it to space?Award-winning filmmaker and Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur Ben Proudfoot teamed up with The New York Times to create ALMOST FAMOUS, an acclaimed short documentary series that profiles figures adjacent to history who might have been household named, has history gone a little differently. Watch two of the films and meet Ben for his first Q&A since the series’ release.

Here Am I, Send Me

Screening and Q&A

January 25, 10:30 AM, Lodges at Deer V