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Today! January 25th at Brand Storytelling 2020

Today's schedule is chock-full of screenings from Brand Storytelling 2020's esteemed brand filmmakers:

Almost Famous

Screening and Q&A

January 25, 09:30 AM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

What does it feel like to quit The Black Eyed Peas before they blew up? What if you were hand-selected by JFK to be the first African American astronaut, yet you never made it to space?Award-winning filmmaker and Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur Ben Proudfoot teamed up with The New York Times to create ALMOST FAMOUS, an acclaimed short documentary series that profiles figures adjacent to history who might have been household named, has history gone a little differently. Watch two of the films and meet Ben for his first Q&A since the series’ release.

Here Am I, Send Me

Screening and Q&A

January 25, 10:30 AM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Here Am I, Send Me tells the incredible true story of Team Goldstar and Team Freedom, two groups of Veteran servicemen who set out to honor the 75th anniversary of D-Day with a round-canopy parachute jump into Normandy, France. The documentary features Scoti Domeij, member of Team Goldstar and mother of Army Sergeant First Class Kristoffer Domeij, who jumps with Army Rangers to honor the memory of her late son.Cisco, the end-to-end networking hardware telecoms company and financier of “Here Am I, Send Me”, is set to screen the film on Saturday, January 25th at Brand Storytelling 2020, a Sanctioned Event of the Sundance Film Festival.

Gather What’s Good

Screening and Q&A Featuring:

Chef Roy Choi, Field Roast, Bon Appétit & Spark Foundry

January 25, 11:30 AM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Field Roast, the makers of artisanal plant-based meats and cheeses, teamed up with Bon Appétit and Roy Choi to share the stories of trailblazing chefs whose inventive menus are driven by their heritage and love for regionally-inspired ingredients. Within this mini docuseries series, we travel with Roy to Seattle, Chicago and Toronto to discover how these renowned chefs reimagine their signature dishes with a plant-based twist.

Hilton’s Room 702

Screening and Q&A with Lou Dubois

January 25, 01:00 PM Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

50 years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their iconic Bed-In for Peace in Room 702 at the Hilton Amsterdam. The couple turned their honeymoon into a weeklong promotion of peace and invited media to learn more about their peaceful protest.

Dear Mother Nature

Screening and Q&A with REI

January 24, 02:30 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Wyn Wiley (he/him), aka Pattie Gonia (she/her), has made waves over the past year as an environmental advocate drag queen. In a short doc produced by REI Co-op, we follow Wyn as he travels to Hawaii to meet with scientists, non-profit leaders and volunteers, seeing first-hand the impacts of careless consumption and plastics on Mother Nature. Ultimately, Wyn partners with sustainable fashion designer Angela Luna to create three dresses that personify the plastics crisis.


Screening and Q&A with Marriott International

January 25, 02:45 PM Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Marriott’s award-winning Content Studio has returned with a 3rd season of StoryBooked - the anthology film series that captures the compelling personal journeys of Marriott Bonvoy members traveling the world in search of inspiration for their own creative passions.

Bonds of Trust - the future of disaster recovery

Screening and Q&A with IBM

January 25, 03:45 PM, Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

Two years after the waters of Hurricane Harvey have subsided, tens of thousands of Texans have yet to rebuild their homes and businesses because of outdated and inefficient systems of recovery. Technologist Chelsey Delaney, personally connected to these events, believes she can help in the aftermath of a disaster to alleviate this burden for survivors. Bonds of Trust is an emotional glimpse into several intersecting aftermath stories and how the promise of blockchain technology can unite a response community of insurance providers, governments, and citizens to streamline the flow of information and resources to those who need it most.

Into America's Wild

Screening and Q&A with Brand USA

January 25, 04:45 PM Lodges at Deer Valley, Evergreen Room

From the award-winning producers of the hit film National Parks Adventure comes Into America’s Wild, a cross-country adventure into the hidden wonders of the natural world. A non-stop ride via kayak, bike, train, hot air balloon, zip line, kite surfboard and more, Into America’s Wild visits some of the most beautiful but undiscovered landscapes of America, from the lush coastline of Oregon and the wilds of Alaska to the ancient canyons of the Southwest and the rolling hills of the Appalachian Trail.

Setting out on this journey are three trailblazers – astronaut John Herrington, Alaskan bush pilot and youth advocate Ariel Tweto, and long-distance hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis – who share a passion for connecting people to experiences in the wild. As they wind their way through the scenic byways, ancient homelands, secret gems and hidden trails that form the natural tapestry of America, viewers will discover the special human connection we all share with nature.

Narrated by Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman, Into America’s Wild is a MacGillivray Freeman film produced in association with Brand USA. The film is presented by Expedia and United Airlines.


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