Tonight! January 23rd at Brand Storytelling 2020

Tonight's Partner Showcase will be hosted at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah, from 3:00PM - 6:00PM MST.

Brand Storytelling is kicking off Sundance Film Festival with the following panels and sessions from our partners and friends:


Branded Content Can Pay for Itself

January 23, 03:30 PM Stein Eriksen Ballroom

Marketers have waited a long time for effective, measurable ways to spend their budgets. Christine Cook and Otto Bell from WarnerMedia’s Brand Studio will share the latest examples of Experiential, Purpose Led, and Data Driven Marketing that have made a real impact on Advertisers’ KP.


Building Legacy:

How Mattel's Creator Partnerships Drive Brand Relevance

January 23, 03:45 PM Stein Eriksen Ballroom

Kids these days have honed their social media literacy and are looking for content experiences that provide value - branded or not. They scroll pass #sponcon and branded content that isn’t additive to their lives. So how has Mattel’s Hot Wheels — a 50-year old toy brand — maintained relevance spanning five generations of kids across the world? Today’s youth are drawn to digital entertainment experiences at younger and younger ages, and it takes digital innovation rooted in original content to capture the hearts and minds of young consumers across video and social platforms. Join us as we share the story of driving performance and efficiency through speed and learning while fueling an always-on approach for the Hot Wheels digital presence, sparking an obsession among Hot Wheels fans along the way.