Changing Names, Changing the Game : Remedy Television + Branded

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Spectrum Productions has, in the last month, evolved its brand identity. In November, CEO & Executive Producer Guy Nickerson announced Spectrum Productions would embark on the next chapter of its story as Remedy Television + Branded.

Remedy’s specialized team of television producers, content developers, advertisers, storytellers, digital minds and branding experts produce and drive effective and engaging content for audiences, networks, brands and agency partners across every platform.

The new name reflects the studio’s commitment to problem solving and creating compelling content for each and every client. Clients like Sheraton Hotels and Marriott Content Studio, who recently partnered with Remedy Television + Branded to tackle a transition of their own.

The resulting content, titled The Heart of Gathering, is a short-form documentary that showcases Sheraton’s reinvention through the depiction of a creative and problem-solving journey that ultimately brings people together.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Remedy CEO & Executive Producer Guy Nickerson to learn more about their work with Marriott Content Studio and Sheraton Hotels:

What was the thought process behind undertaking this task of ideating and executing content with a partner like Marriott Content Studio and Sheraton?

We believe one of the strongest ways to build brand affinity is through storytelling. A continuous conversation that doesn’t just speak to a brand’s communication objectives, but rather showcases its values with content that is not just meaningful, but entertaining to the consumer. We teamed up with Marriott Content Studio and Sheraton Hotels to create one such story, as the brand embarked on their own transformation. And as we were helping to tell their story, were in the process of creating our own – evolving our brand as Remedy Television + Branded.