GET Creative + Spark Foundry Highlight Nature's Way Values in Branded Content Series

USA TODAY NETWORK’s branded content studio, GET Creative, has launched a campaign with Spark Foundry and Nature’s Way to educate consumers on Nature’s Way values in authenticity, quality and trust.

The campaign is a four-part video series that tells the true stories of how Nature’s Way products are made and the people behind the efforts. Part 1 took audiences into a Holy Basil farm in India with beautiful video and interview coverage, while part 2 allows viewers the ability to insert themselves into the landscape of a turmeric farm in India utilizing VR/360 video (a brand first for Nature’s Way). With parts 3 and 4 coming out this Fall,

Brand Storytelling connected with GET Creative’s Creative Director Chris Sweigart and Spark Foundry’s Global Head of Content Eric Levin to learn more about this collaborative partnership and to discuss the power of reaching audiences through compelling and immersive storytelling.

How did GET Creative come to partner with Spark Foundry on this Nature’s Way story series?

CS: This has been a true collaboration between GET Creative and Spark Foundry from the beginning. Since the very beginning, we collaboratively brainstormed concepts and ideas that would truly bring the Nature’s Way story to life in a way that would connect with the USA TODAY NETWORK audience.

EL: Spark Foundry and USA TODAY NETWORK have a great working relationship and we were excited to see how they could further develop Spark and Nature’s Way’s campaign idea in the RFP stage. They really understood our process and were able work creatively and collaboratively with Spark’s Content Team to bring our concept for Nature’s Way to life for the USA TODAY audience.

What was the impetus behind telling these farmers’ stories?

EL: Nature’s Way had developed a great creative campaign of Grow Together, which featured a pivotal “Anthem” spot. After diving deeper into the client’s goals and objectives, it was a natural next step to tell a more intimate story behind Grow Together. For a brand like Nature’s Way, this wasn’t just another creative campaign, it was a way to convey what they truly believe as a company. Not only do they care about where their products are sourced from, but they know their consumers do as well. Particularly in today’s climate where there are so many choices for our audience, it was important to show the real people and families behind these products from around the world and Nature’s Way’s commitment to them.

CS: We’ve found that people are particularly interested in understanding where products come from. And, we know that our audience really engages with character-driven, narrative stories. By going to the source of Nature’s Way’s products – from India to Austria – we were able to develop really authentic stories that convey powerful emotions.

We were so inspired by the passion that these farmers have for their work. I actually had the opportunity to join the team on a shoot in Austria. There, we were able to spend a lot of time on an elderberry farm and really connect with the family of famers there. Their deep connection to the earth and their farms is real. These farmers take a lot of pride in producing the highest quality crops, which means great products for all of us as consumers. And, it’s evident that the people at Nature’s Way are focused on developing meaningful relationships with many of the farmers who supply their crops.

But we wanted to take it further than that too, by following the journey of these ingredients through Nature’s Way’s processes for taking these ingredients to the consumers.

If you engage with the content, it’s plain to see that Nature’s Way is focused on the integrity of their products. We’re really proud of how the content is coming together – and we think the passion and integrity of these farmers and Nature’s Way comes through in a very powerful way.

When did the decision to incorporate VR/360 video come into play?

EL: Given the concept we brought forward was about showcasing our different sources all over the world, we discussed during the program development how VR could be included so we could transport viewers to these locations. Being able to bring our story to life in a different and emerging medium was a great opportunity to provide an even deeper experience for our audience and take them on an amazing journey.

CS: Virtual reality is such a powerful medium. In our experience at GET Creative and USA TODAY NETWORK, we’ve found it to be particular powerful to transport people to places they couldn’t otherwise go to and experience things that they wouldn’t otherwise get to. The immersive qualities of VR coupled with strong storytelling really establish a strong emotional connection to the story.