Mapping The Trails: Intel’s Brett Lyons Discusses Elevate's 'Distribution' Trail

Week by week, Brand Storytelling will be bringing you exclusive insight into each of the Elevate “trails” (our clever name for the panels at our summer event), featuring input from our esteemed trail guides.

This week we’re taking a closer look at the 'Distribution' trail with the help of our highly qualified trail guide Brett Lyons, Global Branded Entertainment Programs Lead at Intel. We connected with Brett to discuss the ins and outs of Elevate’s distribution trail:


Hey there, Brett. What can you tell us about Elevate’s third trail?

Distribution is the connection point between your content messaging and the audience; how you leverage distribution audience insights in the creative process to ensure engagement and impact as well as reach the right audience. How do you ensure your content has the right scale, and is reaching your target audience? How much media do you buy to support your initiatives vs. relying on organic reach and built-in platform scale (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD)?

What do you anticipate your panel conversation will entail?

We’ll be diving into thinking about the different platforms - how you build marketing initiatives in order to drive traffic, engagement or your specific brand KPIs.

From what angles will the subject of distribution be approached?

Approach will focus on audience insights used for both creative and distribution as well as scale, reach, what media do you buy vs owned and earned, etc

What do you anticipate will carry over from the panels into the group discussions?

Identifying relationships between all of the trails is essential to link to the overall success of a campaign, from leveraging talent’s social channels, investment, creative etc.

What’s the largest takeaway you hope attendees will get from the ‘Distribution’ trail?

Distribution is the key to discovery and engagement. If your storytelling isn’t seen (and by a relevant audience)… it doesn’t exist.