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Watch: Brand Storytelling 2018 Presenting Partners at Sundance Film Festival

Brand Storytelling 2018 attendees gathered at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah

On Thursday, January 18th, Brand Storytelling 2018 held its first day of partner presentations, featuring renowned brands all taking great strides in the brand-funded content space. Sharp, thoughtful speakers delivered critical insights into successful brand partnerships, examined the ingredients necessary for the success of new media, and called for progressive action in and out of the boardroom. The diversity of subject matter provided an array of insights to gain and lessons to learn, connected by a single fundamental ideal: that providing value for the consumer by offering information and/or entertainment fosters emotional connections and yields results.

Many thanks to our incredible presenting partners for their informative and insightful contributions to the elevation of the business of brand-funded content.


Allowing Creativity to Organically Change Your Story - Presented by Screenvision Media

Find out how Screenvision Media used Creativity and Storytelling to change their business; from technology to programming, to sales and marketing, to the development of a brand studio all to create a connected conversation with their audience and brand partners.

Featuring Matt Arden (SVP + Executive Creative Director at Screenvision Media) and John McCauley (EVP, CMO & Strategic Alliances at Screenvision Media)

Driving Business Outcomes Through Brand Storytelling - Presented by Content Studio by NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal shares the power of storytelling through the lens of performance and measurement.

Featuring "Wendy Wildfeuer (SVP, The Content Studio NBCUniversal)" and Josh Feldman (EVP, Integrated Marketing and Network Partnerships)

Later, Haters: Beating Bullies at Their Own Game - Presented by Fullscreen Media

Bullying isn’t just a tough part of growing up these days; it’s deadly - in fact, so deadly that the Center for Disease Control has declared it an epidemic. In an effort to neutralize this ‘disease’ where it thrives, AT&T Hello Lab and Fullscreen teamed up to take bullying head-on, and they did it by flipping the script. Rather than shaming the bullies, they developed a genuine and engaged community through the innovative entertainment experience of Guilty Party, a web series with bullying in its storyline. Strategically designed to mimic the digital behaviors of Gen Z and Millennials, Guilty Party functioned as a safe space and friend group, inviting the audience to communicate with the characters and with each other. Bullying had no idea what was coming.

Featuring Maude Standish (VP, Programming Strategy at Fullscreen Media) and Karyn Spencer (VP, Hello Lab at AT&T)

Further: On the Edge of Impossible -

Presented by true[x]

National Geographic thrives on the edge of impossible. The power of human potential is a theme that has intrigued our curiosity us since the very beginning. And it inspires us still, to go further and explore the limits of the unknown – from the top of Everest, to the depths of the Mariana Trench and to the limits of our universe. In the summer of 2017, National Geographic, in partnership with Nike, and in association with Dirty Robber partnered to explore the intersection of science and the human spirit and tell one of the most heroic and amazing athletic feats of all time with the journey of Breaking2 and the pursuit of the 2-hour marathon. This ground-breaking partnership was built on a foundation of collaboration, and produced an inspiring, all-access global documentary that brings to life the power of human potential and showcases the journey of the Breaking 2 athletes, and the team of scientists and product developers who helped them in their endeavor.

Featuring Brendan Ripp (EVP, FOX Networks Group, National Geographic), Martin Desmond Roe (Director/Founder at Dirty Robber) and Brian Lovett (VP, Production & Development at National Geographic Studios)

Finding The Funny -

Presented by Above Average

Comedy is inherently emotional. It’s a powerful tool for self-soothing that allows us to reframe our view of a situation by disempowering negative emotions. It is the most socially shared and sought after type of content, and at a time when two thirds of Americans feel uneasy about the future, comedy remains an important lens through which brands can emotionally connect with audiences. Yet, like branded content, there's no universal recipe for creating great comedy. It all comes down to talent and approach. True to its counterculture roots, Above Average takes an unexpected look backward while others gaze wearily ahead, revealing modern society’s best kept secret to illustrate the true power of comedic storytelling for brands.

Featuring Ben Zagorski (CRO at Above Average)

New Platforms, Same Principles -

Presented by Zefr

Succeeding On New Platforms Without Compromising What Matters

Featuring Toby Byrne (President at Zefr)

Brilliant Storytelling & Big Data Is The Future - Presented by RYOT Studio

Without data, brand stories are based on speculation. Without compelling stories, data means nothing. As experts in full-service content marketing, RYOT Studio know how to connect brands with people. And we have the tools to make every interaction count.

Featuring Marcia Lesser (Head of Content Partnerships at RYOT)

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