Meet the Advisors: Austin Schumacher of Lyft

Since 2013, Austin Schumacher has overseen entertainment marketing and content at Lyft, leading the development of Lyft’s branded entertainment program. Amongst Lyft projects like Kevin Hart: Lyft Legend and June, you may have heard (over and over again, given the series’ nearly 40 million cumulative views) of the largely successful series Undercover Lyft, in which famous athletes and celebrities pose as Lyft drivers, ultimately revealing themselves to their unsuspecting riders. In addition, Schumacher has been responsible for Lyft’s influencer marketing program and Lyft’s studio co-marketing activations for films including Ghostbusters and Back to the Future.

Brand Storytelling connected with the man behind the wheel of these many successful content operations to get a better understanding of where Lyft’s inspiration comes from, where its creative is headed, and what company growth means for Lyft’s content future.