Introducing the Brand Storytelling Advisory Board

The women of Soufra, directed by Thomas Morgan and produced by Rebelhouse Group


This newly formed Advisory Board of brand marketing executives and agency leaders will help us to produce the highest quality live events and guide our editorial content to deliver the greatest value to all constituents in the branded content ecosystem. We are super grateful for their contribution of time, ideas and willingness to share their expertise. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for interviews and editorial contributions from our advisors. This issue features an interview with Advisory Chair, Todd Barrish. You can meet him and the rest of our advisory board in January during Brand Storytelling at Sundance Film Festival 2018:


What is the mission of Brand Storytelling?

Our goal is to create something bigger and more enduring than the sum of its parts. The Sundance and Elevate events serve as a meeting ground and jumping off point for presentations and working groups that focus on the ever expanding importance of and opportunities in non-interruptive advertising. The conferences themselves are illustrative of the breadth of that opportunity and provide valuable insights into intersection of entertainment and commerce. Beyond that, however, we are building a community of thought leaders that expands beyond the events themselves - with the ultimate goal of stewarding the growth and maturation of our industry. Our hope is that by providing a framework of touch points - including conferences, industry awards and editorial content - we build the community and tools to elevate business of brand storytelling.

How were the advisors chosen and what will their role be?

The process was fairly simple - we identified those who have both ushered in the modern era of non-interruptive advertising and those who will continue to lead its evolution and growth. We are truly at an inflection point as the definitions of linear and digital accelerate toward convergence. The advisory board is representative of the pioneers in the space - those who are passionate about advancing the role of storytelling in brand communication, as well as the way the end product is ultimately distributed, consumed and validated.

I couldn't more honored or excited to work with this amazing group.

What is being planned for Brand Storytelling at Sundance 2018?