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A Sense of Home & A Story We Can All Share

Many of you know my friend, AJ Vernett, a veteran of the digital video industry. Today, he is better known as the Co-Founder of A Sense of Home, a non-profit with a unique mission to help foster kids that are aging out of the system. "A Sense of Home" helps find places for these kids to live and furnish them in a way that turns that place into a home, something they have been denied most of their lives. In just 2 years, 150 homes have been created for 200 youth who finally have a place they can find comfort coming home to.

If you watched the live broadcast of CNN Heroes last night, you learned of the important work "A Sense of Home" is tackling that will literally save the lives of these kids in the most transitional stage of their lives. To understand the importance of their work, just watch this CNN profile of Sense of Home that features director and co-founder Georgie Smith:

Here at, we love a good story. We love this one so much, we are jumping into the storyline ourselves and intend to play a role that will help give kids a better chance, and create thousands of stories of lives made better. You can too!

Creating a home for someone alone in the world, isn’t just vital to their survival; it’s a bridge —connecting them to community to ensure they have access to opportunity in order that they might fully realize their talents and skills and become the best version of themselves. Every day brings about another story of hope and about creating a beautiful inspired environment.

Every one of us can play a role in this unfolding story right now. You can simply go to A Sense of Home and make a donation today. When you do, Subaru will match your donation up to $50,000 between now and December 31, 2016.

Here’s a great way to get your company into the story; sponsor an event for $5,000 or more and send your team to help create that home alongside "A Sense of Home" staff. Be there when the kids get to see what you have done to provide them with a place they will call home. That’s a great story and there are roles for all of us!

I hope you will join us in this story and help these young-ones discover a better tomorrow.

Happy Holidays!

The Team at


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