Cause-Driven Media in 360

It's Wednesday morning. I am sitting outside a coffee shop on the west-side of Los Angeles. Traffic buzzes on past me on Pacific Coast Highway. There is chatter all around me, as caffeinated patrons run into familiar faces. Even while sitting outside, I can still hear the scream of milk steaming inside. And yet, I am not here. I'm in Havana, Cuba, visiting with locals of the communist island. I'm in Amman, Jordan, hearing the heartfelt story of a Syrian man who is restarting his life. I'm staring up the face of a glacier that's trying to hold on as it melts away into the ocean. There is little end to what I can bear witness to, with the immersive power of RYOT News in 360. We visited the home of RYOT earlier this summer and sat down with CEO, Bryn Mooser, to discuss how the media landscape is shifting in such a way, that people in developing countries are more connected now than ever. RYOT is moving the needle for new media by bringing a VR rig into these third-world countries, and highli