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Let's Get Interactive!

At Elevate, interactive workshops serve as dynamic hubs of industry insight and inspiration. Designed to address the salient questions and topics shaping the landscape of brand-funded storytelling and brand content, workshops will delve into crucial subjects essential for executing on effective brand storytelling.


From influencing the C-Suite to maximizing the impact of partnerships in narrative development, attendees will gain invaluable insights from industry pros and peers. 


Explore the symbiotic relationship between production companies and brands, uncover techniques for crafting narratives that immerse audiences, and learn to strategically deploy stories across platforms for maximum engagement.


Workshops present the ultimate opportunity for concentrated learning to fortify your content strategies and connect with members of the brand storytelling community.

Workshop Block Schedule

Elevate 2024 will feature 6 unique workshops. All of the workshops are 1-hour long, and take place on both Tuesday July 23rd and Wednesday July 24th.

Every Elevate Participant will be given the opportunity to sign-up and attend 4 workshops during their visit at Sundance Mountain Resort, in scenic Utah.

Workshop Block 1

July 23rd & 24th at 10:45AM MST

Narrative Innovation:
Bringing Headspace XR to Market
Redford Conference Center - North


VP, Content Creation



Sr Manager of Content


Explore the innovative intersection of storytelling, creativity, and new mediums in this exclusive workshop led by Sara Cohen and Bre Moret from Headspace. This workshop delves into the development and market introduction of Headspace XR, and examines how Headspace is expanding its audience with a story-driven, immersive meditation experience designed for non-traditional meditators. Engage in a hands-on demo with Meta Quest headsets, and experience the amalgam of narrative, mindfulness, and gaming. This is a unique chance to learn firsthand from a leading brand how investing in non-interruptive stories and experiences can create opportunities for brands to connect with broader audiences. 

Tell Better Stories:
Applying Story Theory to Brand Narratives
Redford Conference Center - South


Braden Dragomir

Founder, Creative Director

Untold Storytelling

Join brand filmmaker and storytelling theorist Braden Dragomir for an engaging workshop where you'll uncover the formula for identifying and communicating the most powerful stories to showcase your brand's values. Drawing from scholarly texts and extensive research, this session offers participants the chance to pinpoint the most captivating elements of their stories and learn actionable techniques to employ storytelling theory through expert instruction and interactive exercises.

Brand Impact for ROI:

Amplify, Engage, Extend and Measure

Screening Room


Julie Davitz

Founder & CEO

Plus Media Solutions

What happens to branded content once you’ve finished your creative effort? Learn how your brand client can use storytelling for double bottom line returns, bolster their value proposition and achieve real impact. Brand storytelling can drive influence and measurable impact through multiple channels, platforms and even at the community level! Join us and see how you can offer your brand clients a differentiator that increases ROI (return on investment and impact).

Workshop Block 2
July 23rd & 24th at 12:00PM MST

The Legal Side of Entertainment Production
Redford Conference Center - North



Pryor Cashman

unnamed (1).jpg

Christian Simonds


Reed Smith

In a workshop led by lawyers Amy Stein Simonds and Christian Simonds, participants will delve into what brand storytellers and their partners need to know about financing, production, and distribution from a legal standpoint.  The pair will lead a discussion on the most salient points and pitfalls experienced by their clients, and lend their expertise in the field of entertainment and media law in breakout groups where participant queries can be answered.  Participants should prepare questions to be asked and answered in-session.. 

Strategic Storytelling on Social Media Platforms
Redford Conference Center - South


Derek Hubbard

Manager, Brand Partnerships & Entertainment PR

& Social Media

Southwest Airlines

Dive into the essentials of social media storytelling with industry-tested strategies and examples, and learn how to effectively shift from content to story-focused social media campaigns. Through interactive exercises, you’ll define your brand’s unique story and create compelling, story-driven posts. With hands-on activities, group discussions, and expert guidance, you'll leave equipped with actionable insights and a fresh perspective on engaging your audience.

EVOKE: Metrics + Measurement

Screening Room

Megan Wells.jpg

Megan Wells

Fractional Chief Content Officer, Development Exec + Director/ Showrunner

Kevin keane.jpg

Kevin Keane

Founder & CEO


This insightful workshop from the creators of the EVOKE rating delves into how to comprehensively assess the efficacy of branded funded entertainment. Despite traditional advertising's established frameworks, the industry lacks standardized measurement for this unique form of branding. EVOKE's experts will share their latest progress and findings that are driving the Evoke Rating system, developed from extensive input by industry leaders. This scoring system, based on seven key metrics—including Content Engagement, Brand Credibility, Cultural Relevance, and more —offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating brand narratives. Enhance your understanding and skills in leveraging brand-funded content to its fullest potential with this enlightening session.

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