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Stept Studios Unveils Innovative Short Doc Film Fund

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Award-winning creative production studio Stept Studios has announced the launch of the Stept Film Fund dedicated to supporting breakthrough filmmakers with short documentary films.

With a commitment to fostering creativity and different perspectives, the Stept Film Fund invites emerging and experienced filmmakers to submit proposals via their website that explore the richness of the human condition, offering a fresh and dynamic perspective on the stories that shape us.

This bold initiative aims to empower filmmakers to delve into the intricacies of the human experience, providing a platform for compelling narratives that resonate on a deep and emotional level.

Key Features of the Stept Studios Film Fund:

Inclusive Storytelling: Stept Studios encourages filmmakers to explore a wide range of human experiences, and to ensure a diverse and inclusive representation of the stories they tell.

Short Documentary Format: Films commissioned under this fund are limited to 20 minutes, challenging creators to distill impactful narratives within a concise timeframe.

Empowering Creativity: The fund provides a platform for emerging and experienced filmmakers alike, fostering a space where creative visions can thrive.

Stept Studios invites filmmakers to submit their proposals for consideration, with the selected projects eligible to receive funding up to $20,000, including a range of possible in kind services such as up to $5,000 in equipment rentals at Vault Rentals, post-production support from Lockt Editorial, and the opportunity for global exposure through Stept Studios' distribution channels. The total package will be tailored to the needs of each film selected, based on the film’s stage in production, timeline, and equipment needs.

Furthermore, Stept Studios will be partnering with Musicbed, Filmsupply, and Stills to provide high-quality music, footage, and images to filmmakers. Selected projects will benefit from premium licensing credits from these sponsors.

"We are thrilled to introduce this film fund as a celebration of narratives that define our shared human experience," says Nick Martini, Founder and CEO of Stept Studios. "Through the lens of short documentary films, we aim to capture dynamic stories that resonate with audiences across the globe."

Stept Studios remains dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and fostering a cinematic landscape that reflects the rich tapestry of humanity.

Interested in the Stept Film Fund? Apply HERE.


About Stept Studios:

Stept Studios is a creative and production studio with bases in Los Angeles, New York, Jackson Hole and Toronto. Known for producing impactful content featuring authentic characters, celebrity athletes, and unique locations, Stept has a passion for pushing creative boundaries and collaborating with leading brands to produce captivating campaigns. Stept has diversified its commercial roster to include the next generation of visual storytellers, documentarians, and athletic visionaries.


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