Pivot With Purpose: Inspirational & Innovative Brand Storytelling During COVID-19

By Jesse Roesler, Creative Director, Credo Nonfiction

It’s been just over a month since most of us began sheltering in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, and the shift has been a seismic one for businesses big and small. For storytellers and brand content innovators, it can feel like our hands are tied as many of the traditional ways we used to craft stories are closed off.

Yet what we can do is pivot from focusing on what’s impossible to seeing what’s possible now. A handful of brands are leading the way by not only transforming how they’re showing up for their customers, but by innovating their storytelling in a way that further reveals their core purpose.

There’s an abundance of inspiration in the three moving examples that follow. They show us what’s possible during this uncertain time with a little innovation and a lot of heart:

Deluxe: “Small Business, Big Heart”

Celebrating stories of small businesses creating hope through generosity during COVID-19.

Under the inspired leadership of Chief Brand & Communications Officer Amanda Brinkman, Deluxe corp has been telling the stories of small businesses (Deluxe’s core customer) across the country through their Hulu streaming series Small Business Revolution for nearly six years. In fact, they were in production on Season 5 when calls for self-isolation began. Did it stop them from telling stories as it did many others that were in production on similar programs? Not for long.

They pivoted remarkably quickly to a new format for a supplemental series called “Small Business, Big Heart” where they video conference with small business owners who are creating hope through their generosity during the pandemic.

With multiple video conference angles, great interviewing and the help of phone-captured B-roll, the series looks different but feels similar to the beautifully produced show we’ve come to know and love. View the first three episodes of the new seri