NBA 2K League & Brand Partnerships: Q&A with Head of Business Development Lindsay Ullman

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

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May 5th marked the beginning of the NBA 2K League’s third season. For the uninitiated, the NBA 2K League is an esports league joint venture between the National Basketball Association and Take-Two Interactive, maker of the ever-popular NBA 2K series of Basketball games (a new issue is released each year). You can learn more about it watching our Brand Storytelling Live Stream on the subject.

It’s an extremely important moment across multiple categories: esports, sports (period!), and broadcasting. In a moment where athletes can’t be together to play on their teams, esport athletes are providing much needed relief for sports fans who are finding that the supplemental experience of esports is helping them get through the “sportless” global pandemic. And with lots of new attention comes opportunity for esports brand partners.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Lindsay Ullman, Head of Business Development, NBA 2K League at the NBA, to get a better understanding of what some of those opportunities might be, and advice on how to break into esports as a brand:

The NBA 2K League season is in full swing! How’s it going so far?

It has been incredibly exciting to get our season tipped off and we feel very fortunate that we’ve been able to move to remote gameplay. It has been fantastic to see the additional opportunities this has brought for both the league and our partners; one big achievement being our matches broadcast for the first time on linear television on ESPN2 as well as Sportsnet in Canada.

What partner initiatives are you engaged in at the outset of this season?