Mood Boost: Music with a Mission - Q&A With Skullcandy CMO Jessica Klodnicki

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

As brands continue to tailor their messaging to consumers offering community, support, and togetherness, many make the mistake of not backing up words with action. Skullcandy, on the other hand, seems to recognize that the best way to say “we’re here for you” is to actually be there for its consumers. Just look at Mood Boost, the new campaign from Skullcandy on a purpose-driven mission to boost mental health. Brand Storytelling caught up with Skullcandy CMO Jessica Klodnicki to learn more about the campaign:

Last we spoke we covered the successful campaign 12 Moods - now we have Mood Boost. How did the first inform the second, and how are they different?

Both tie back to our North Star – Music You Can Feel – making a direct connection between music and emotion. 12 Moods was extremely successful for us, so we wanted to carry forward some of the key ingredients to keep the momentum going with a new mood and color every month, storytelling content from emerging musical artists & board sports athletes, and a limited edition product drop program inspired by streetwear and sneaker culture.

But, we also wanted to do three more things – respond to some serious insights we were uncovering about our consumers, optimize our content based on learnings from 2019 and add some new elements that would keep it dynamic for our consumers.

What were the consumer insights you focused on?

We identified that our young consumers – mostly Gen Z and Millennial – were suffering from high rates of anxiety, depression and mental illness. So, we wanted to address that head on. We decided that we wanted to break up the social media feed with only positive, uplifting moods and content to give a much needed “boost”. And, we wanted to do good by giving back.

What about performance insights?

Average watch time in the channels that are most important to us was very low. So, we wanted to meet the consumer where they are in terms of attention span. We moved from full length music videos, full length podcasts and “mini docs” to short music performances and interviews all around 30 seconds in length or less. We also learned that most consumers are viewing content with the sound off. As an audio brand, that was troubling. But, we took our partner Facebook’s teams advice and decided to “Design for sound off and delight for sound on.” So, everything is extremely visual through the use of motion graphics and subtitles on every piece of content.

What's new within Mood Boost?

To increase the visual appeal, we partnered with graphic artists to create art prints that are paired with our limited edition drop products. Then, we bring that art to life through motion graphics on our video content.We also partnered with Threadless, an eCommerce company that partners with artists and offers one to one printing of apparel and accessories. We did this to extend the aisle and provide access to fun apparel and accessories with the monthly artwork on it – tees, stickers, skateboards and now face masks.

Mood Boost is a purpose driven campaign - can you tell us more about partnering with To Write Love on Her Arms?